Sunday 13 September 2009

WMRT: Waka Racing Win the All-Kiwi Match Race in Denmark

Phil Robertson's Waka Racing team competing in the Danish Open in Aarhus. Image copyright Per Heegaard.

by SailRaceWin

Phil Robertson, of Waka Racing, today defeated Adam Minoprio (BlackMatch Racing) in the all-Kiwi match at the Danish Open in Aarhus.

Overall, BlackMatch Racing have finished in 7th place in Aarhus and Waka Racing in 10th place - ahead of two Danes, Peter Wibroe and 2008 49er Olympic Gold medallist Jonas Warrer.

As in Portugal, Waka Racing won four of their matches in the World Tour event, but very nearly converted this to six.

BlackMatch Racing's points tally on the Tour scoreboard will not change as a result of their seventh place in Denmark. This means that their long-time friends and rivals, the young Australians, Torvar Mirsky's Mirsky Racing Team, have a chance of overtaking Adam Minprio's team as Tour leaders after the Danish Open in Aarhus, which finishes this weekend.

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