Saturday 11 June 2011

America's Cup : ORACLE Racing Sail AC45s in San Francisco

America's Cup

Sails of White Nights : Only Four Flights of Second Round Robin Remain

Light winds on the Neva river at the start of Sails of White Nights. Image copyright Sails of White Nights.

by Yana Dobzhitskaya

On Friday the regatta " Sails of White Nights » witnessed one more historical event: for the first time in six years of regatta’s life the organizers have practically completed the second round-robin.

Struggle for points at the aqua territory went on all day long. Since morning the yachtsmen were pleased with the steady wind whose impulses reached 7 meters per second. As a result the day proved to be rather hot for judges and sportsmen: they have held 10 flights in spite of 28 degree heat. Undue incidents also have taken place. William Tiller yacht’s helm has been damaged during a strained fight with the leader of the rating Peter Wibroe.

“It has happened almost right after the start, on the first loop, - the New Zealander tells. - we led the race with a serious advantage, and what’s the most annoying – our contender already had got a penalty. So our chances were excellent. But then the rush has come, and we have heard a deaf sound. The yacht suddenly became completely uncontrollable. We have been moved to the middle of the river by the current – directly on the waterway. Fortunately, the emergency boat has arrived at once and has helped us to reach the pontoon where the yacht has been repaired. We didn't run aground, we didn’t touch anything, so it is not our fault. But all the same we lost the race – and this vexes us most of all! We have sent our protest to the racing committee and hope that the repeated race will be appointed."

Andrey Arbuzov's crew remains the leader of the race. The skilled yachtsman has lost only twice in 16 races – to the compatriot Sergey Musikhin and Italian Simone Ferrarese. Many contenders mention his ability to work with the current: though the Muscovite participates in the regatta for the sixth year in succession, even this time he visited the water area not in the race time to study all directions of currents. And he used antiquated method: threw the pieces of paper in the water and tried to remember, where and with what speed they were carried away.

- There are no great changes, the current is the same, - Andrew Arbuzov says. - The technique of the turns is more important in this competition. Yesterday, for example, the wind was weaker and it was easier to race for us. And today the wind has blown, and it became more difficult for us to maneuver. So the one who is faster and the one who changes tacks more accurately has better chances to win.

Andrew Arbuzov is followed by several racers: New Zealander William Tiller, who had problems with the helm (11 victories), Sergey Musikhin from Ekaterinburg (10), Finn Staffan Lindberg (10) and Italian Simone Ferrarese (9 victories).

On Saturday the race will start with the remained 4 flights of the second round-robin. After them semi-finals are planned. It’s quite pleasant that the weather forecast is fine: the sun and steady wind approximately 5 meters per second are predicted. And for Sunday when the endings are planned, the weather forecast is worse: a wind only about 2 km/s which is too weak for sailing. So for yachtsmen it is important not to lose any start tomorrow, as the winners – in the absence of the wind – will be defined by the results of Saturday races.

Note from SailRaceWin: Full Metal Jacket (Will Tiller, NZL) mentioned that their rudder had snapped in half during one match. This is the incident described above.


Round Robins One (9 matches) + Two (number of matches)

Wibroe (DEN) 3 (9) + 2 (5)
Lindberg (FIN) 6(9) + 3 (4)
Ferrarese (ITA) 7 (9) + 2 (3)
Tiller (NZL) 7 (9) + 3 (5)
Kutovaya (RUS) 1 (9) + 0 (0)
Chapman (AUS) 3 (9) + 1 (5)
Stanczyk (POL) 1 (9) + 2 (6)
Arbuzov (RUS) 8 (9) + 5 (6)
Musikhin (RUS) 6 (9) + 3 (5)
Taranov (RUS) 3 (9) + 2 (7)

Sails of White Nights

VOR : CAMPER gives multihull giant a big scare in Fiji race thriller

Stu Bannatyne at the wheel of CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand. Image copyright Hamish Hooper/CAMPER.

by Volvo Ocean Race media

CAMPER has made a super start in preparations for the Volvo Ocean Race, surprising most experts by finishing second behind a big multihull in the Auckland-Musket Cove race.

After four days of racing 1141 miles CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand were locked in a close battle in the final stages of the Auckland Fiji race, losing out by just ten minutes at the end. Hamish Hooper/CAMPER/Volvo Ocean Race After four days of racing 1141 miles CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand were locked in a close battle in the final stages of the Auckland Fiji race, losing out by just ten minutes at the end. Hamish Hooper/CAMPER/Volvo Ocean Race

"The final stages developed into a battle between a monohull and a trimaran. Unbelievable, really."

After four racing days and 1,141 miles, CAMPER crossed the finish line of the Auckland Fiji race (9 June) just 10 minutes behind the winner.

TeamVodafoneSailing (Orma 60) looms on the horizon. Image copyright Hamish Hooper/CAMPER.

The Volvo Open 70 led for most of the race before finally being pipped by the 60-foot trimaran Team Vodafone – an outstanding racing premiere for Chris Nicholson’s team.

"The final stages developed into a battle between a monohull and a trimaran,” says skipper Nicholson. “Unbelievable, really. The battle added a lot of interest to the final stages.

“We hoped we could hold them off but once we got into the south-east trades the conditions suited a 60ft multihull. We were averaging 17-18 knots and they were hitting 25. It was only a matter of time before our 150-mile plus lead disappeared."

Volvo Ocean Race CEO, Knut Frostad, a former Olympic sailor, paid tribute to CAMPER´s performance. “This was a like a rally car – built for all conditions – taking on a Formula One machine and only losing when they both reached the F1 track at the end of the race,” he said.

The navigation and tactical decisions from the start worked to CAMPER's advantage as they pulled ahead of the competition.

Getting wet at the sharp end. Image copyright Hamish Hooper/CAMPER.

Their hard-earned lead, which at one point stretched to 174 miles, was slowly whittled away over the final 24 hours as the multihull was able to make bigger gains from a following wind.

A delighted Nicholson said the team had achieved its objectives despite its brave, narrow defeat in a race it was never expected to win.

"It was a good shakedown of yacht systems and crew under race conditions. We sailed a good race. The yacht went really well and I couldn't fault the crew work."

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand did not stop in Fiji. The yacht stayed long enough to drop managing director Grant Dalton and headed back to sea for the voyage home and a heavy programme of sail testing.

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand
Volvo Ocean Race

Friday 10 June 2011

Auckland to Fiji : Well, that was a Boat Race and a half!

Checking behind. Image copyright Hamish Hooper/CAMPER.

by Hamish Hooper

All day our positions and speed had us chopping and changing finishing positions with Vodafone. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that we eventually caught sight of them on the horizon off our stern.

I was given some words of wisdom early in the day from Dalts, “Remember this day. This is as good a sailing conditions as you will ever get, so think of this day when you are mid race in the Volvo and are so exhausted, cold, and ground down that you are physically sick.” Which going by my performance early in this Fiji race isn’t too difficult.

I took his point, it was an awesome day's sailing.

As the big red Trimaran’s size slowly grew so did the intensity on board CAMPER, the crew really switched into racing gear and it was a sight to behold. We were flying along at over 20 knots, white water all over the decks and calls for sail changes seemingly every 5 minutes. I lost count of the number of times we changed sails - although I’m pretty sure we worked our way through most of the inventory.

From bow to stern the guys were pretty impressive to watch.

Daryl & Mike on the bow, getting blasted by water like that from a fire hydrant- and loving every minute of it. Andy in the pit like the piano man ended up looking like he was in the middle of a noodle soup there were that many ropes around him. Salty was like a work horse hooking up sheets and changing them over frantically, almost preempting what he was about to be told from the back of the boat.

Chuny, well he just kept popping up everywhere - and seemingly always with Milky bars in hand.
Adam was running around like he had just stepped off the beach, in saturated shorts, tee shirt & bare feet. I was perched on the main grinder, while Trae was just kicking back easing and just kept seem to barking, ‘main on!’ at me. Who knows what he meant. I just kept winding.

Stu, Nico & Will were doing a good job of impersonating Stephen Hawking, working out what seemed to be all sorts of mathematical equations of what sails to put up for sailing at what angle to get to the finish line ASAP. Dalts was getting amongst it, and even Chris Cameron the team photographer was swinging off the stays like an excited monkey trying to get his shots.

In the end, we were 10 minutes to late.

Stink, but what a buzz it was.

No time to celebrate, my first visit to Fiji is a fleeting one, all in darkness and not a foot set on land.

I did hear the customs official say ‘Bula’ as he stepped on board though.
That will do.

Off we go again!


Auckland to Fiji : TeamVodafoneSailing beats Camper to ocean race record

TeamVodafoneSailing and CAMPER with ETNZ at the start of the race from Auckland to Musket Cove, Fiji. Image copyright Ivor Wilkins.

by Zoe Hawkins

TeamVodafoneSailing have secured line honours in the New Zealand International Yachting Trust Auckland to Musket Cove Ocean Race, and earned a place in the record books.

The Orma 60 crossed the finish line at approximately 1920hrs today, more than 18 hours ahead of the record of 120hrs 21mins 45secs set by Systems Thunder in 2008.

The Emirates Team New Zealand Volvo 70, Camper, finished shortly afterwards.

TeamVodafoneSailing is the first finisher in the Multihull Division, and also finished ahead of all boats in the Racing Division for keelboats.

Times and results will be verified by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron soon, and a more detailed report from TeamVodafoneSailing will follow.

The nine sailors onboard TeamVodafoneSailing include Owner and Skipper Simon Hull, Boat Captain Kevin Peet, Navigator Patrick O'Reilly, Paul (Casper) Murray, Stu (Disco) MacKinven, Ollie Scott-Mackie, Selby Howard, Paul O'Reilly, and Guy Hewson.
Fiji is the boat’s first stop in an offshore calendar that will take in the Sydney to Gold Coast Race, the RQYC Brisbane to Keppel Race, the Airlie Beach Race Week, and Hamilton Island Race Week, before TeamVodafoneSailing returns to New Zealand for the Coastal Classic and the New Zealand summer racing season.

TeamVodafoneSailing is also supported by Line 7,, Seatrade, Fusion, Harken, Fineline, B&G, Steinlager, Safety at Sea and Wilde Media.


Auckland to Fiji : Down to the Wire

On board CAMPER ETNZ. Image copyright Chris Cameron/CAMPER.

by CAMPER ETNZ media

After four days of racing 1141 miles CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand were locked in a close battle in the final stages of the Auckland Fiji race. CAMPER crossed the finish line this evening local time (09.06.11) completing another stage of its preparation for the Volvo Ocean Race. Skipper Chris Nicholson said the team had achieved its objectives. “It was a good shakedown of yacht systems and crew under race conditions. We sailed a good race. The yacht went really well and I couldn’t fault the crew work.”

“The final stages developed into a battle between a monohull and a trimaran. Unbelievable, really. The battle added a lot of interest to the final stages. We hoped we could hold them off but once we got into the south-east trades the conditions suited a 60ft multihull. We were averaging 17-18 knots and they were hitting 25, it was only a matter of time before our 150-mile plus lead disappeared.”

CAMPER is not stopping in Fiji. The yacht stayed long enough to drop Emirates Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton and photographer Chris Cameron and headed back to sea for the voyage home and a heavy programme of sail testing.

The navigation and tactical decisions from the start played to CAMPER’s advantage as they pulled ahead of their closest rival the 60-foot trimaran Team Vodafone. Their hard-earned lead, that at one point stretched to 174 miles, was over the past 24 hours slowly whittled away as the multihull put on the pace in the following wind.

It was exactly the conditions that worried the CAMPER crew earlier in the race. Navigator Will Oxley was not entirely happy on the second day of the race when CAMPER had just over 100-mile lead on Vodafone. He said: “Our main competition, Vodafone, has continued on a north-east route. They look to have had some light winds and they are now 105nm further from the finish than us. I think we need about a 160nm lead when Vodafone enters the trades to hold them off for the last 36 hours. So, even though 105 looks like a good lead, having raced against the ORMA 60 trimarans in the Atlantic, it’s still not enough!”

For CAMPER it has been a perfect training opportunity, allowing them to test a watch system and crew under true race conditions.


Sails of White Nights : Will Tiller (NZL) in Second after Round Robin 1

Competition during the qualification regatta for Sails of the White Nights 2011. Image copyright Sails of White Nights.

Day One by Yana Dobzhitskaya

«Neva is unpredictable. Today we had to wait rather long for normal weather conditions to begin races. Light unstable breeze and strong current interfered with us, that’s why for the beginners the situation was very difficult. But there are present masters who already know water area of Neva very well. All they needed was to choose correct tactics. We already have leaders of the race. From the Russian side Sergey Musikhin and Andrew Arbuzov are the best.

Foreigners have proved to be equally well, therefore it is difficult to speak about leaders. It is a difficult race, let’s see what’ll happen further», - the senior judge on start-finish Vladimir Komel said.

Sergey Misukhin has won all races today. «We are to face 10 more races, we don't relax, as much depends on the wind and current, and on refereeing too. We try to receive as much pleasure from these races as we can and we aren’t obsessed with the results. The most difficult race of this day was the one against Andrew Arbuzov because we committed false start, had to return to the start line and then catch up with our rival. But the crew of Arbuzov made a mistake and as a result we won this race. We’d like to mention the team of Ekaterina Kutovaya, the girls make a good impression in these races» - Sergey shared his opinion.

In the evening, after competitions, the opening ceremony of the regatta took place. During the ceremony acting general director of GU GK «The Congress Palace» Victor Chirkov and the director of the regatta Natalia Fedorova brought the winner’s cup on the stage, declaring the beginning of competitions. The head of Sports Committee of the Government of St.-Petersburg Vyacheslav Chazov was also present at the ceremony. «I congratulate sportsmen on good weather and wish them good luck and successes in races. I hope that all participants will enjoy this regatta very much», - the head of Sports Committee addressed the public.

Within four days – from June, 8 till June, 11th in the water area of Neva at the Peter and Paul Fortress races of round-robin will take place. They will be followed by semi-finals and finals. The winner will be decided on Sunday, 12th June.

Day Two by SailRaceWin

Will Tiller's FMJ Racing (NZL) is lying second to Andrei Arbuzov (RUS) at the end of the first round robin. Simone Ferrarese (ITA) is third, Staffan Lindberg (FIN) fourth, and Sergey Musikhin (RUS) fifth.

There are only four places for the semi-finals, and these will be decided on completion of round robin two.

Sails of White Nights (grade 1)
Round-Robin 1 Results

Skipper Sailed Win%

P. Wibroe 9 33%
S. Lindberg 9 67%
S. Ferrarese 9 78%
W. Tiller 9 78%
E. Kutovaya 9 11%
D. Chapman 9 33%
M. Stanczyk 9 11%
A. Arbuzov 9 89%
S. Musikhin 9 67%
M. Taranov 9 33%

Sails of White Nights

Korea Match Cup : Room for Improvement for Aon Racing on Day 2

Aon Racing (skipper Reuben Corbett) competing in Korea. Image copyright SubZero Images.

by Aon Racing media

Aon racing had a tough day on the water on day 2 of the Korea Match Cup. We had a substantial lead in our first match before the wind died. In the drift off that ensued we ended up losing by less than a metre. Our second race was also extremely close, losing by a narrow margin in a dramatic finish with World Tour leader Damien Iehl.

Our next three races followed similar patterns, with losses to New Zealand’s Phil Robertson and tour veterans Torvar Mirsky and Matheiu Richard. We were not without chances in these races, but unfortunately we could not convert. This left us with a disappointing score for the day, which we will not dwell on. Luckily there is plenty of room for improvement and we may still have a very slim chance of making the quarter finals if tomorrow goes well.

The team would to thank their principal sponsor, Aon Insurance Brokers, as well as Club Marine and Allianz. Thanks must also go to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and friends and family.

Aon Racing is Reuben Corbett (Skipper), Adrian Short (Main), Tom Bentham (Trim), Tom Blampied (Pit) and Benny Butcher(Bow).

Aon Racing
Aon Racing's facebook (please follow and like the page)

Korea Match Cup : A Light and Uneventful Day 2 for Waka Racing

Waka Racing (Phil Robertson) and The Wave Muscat (Torvar Mirsky). Image copyright Subzero Images.

by Waka Racing media

A light and fairly uneventful day has just passed, which is a nice change from the aggression of yesterday. We kept it out of the umpires hands today to finish with 2 more wins and 1 unfortunate loss.

The wins were straight forward. One against the local Korean man Sung Wok Kim, the other against fellow kiwi Reuben Corbett. We sailed well in both races, winning the all important start and then controlling the race well throughout.

The loss. Well what can we say. We were in a very commanding position in the pre start, having locked Bruni over the starting line. With 20 seconds remaining we went for our dip back below the line. This being the mistake as he some how managed to slip below the line also and end up in control. The analysis was; if we had waited 2 more seconds we would have won the start convincingly. That is the nature of the beast though and we came off second best. To the credit of the team and our fighting spirit we made him work for his win putting pressure on him around the whole track.

This being the end of day two, we sit with a 4-4 score line. Six wins will guarantee us a spot in the next round so its 2 wins from 3 races tomorrow.

Waka Racing would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. Tax Management New Zealand, KZ Race Furlers, Line 7/Events clothing, Frontend Design and the RNZYS.

Korea Match Cup, Day Two Scores

Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team 6-2
Francesco Bruni (ITA) Bruni Racing 6-2
Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar 5-1
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) The Wave Muscat 5-3
Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing 4-2
Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing 4-4
Bjorn Hansen (DEN) Mekonomen Sailing Team 3-3
Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team 3-3
Paul Campbell-James (GBR) Dream Team 3-3
Johnie Berntsson (SWE) Berntsson Sailing Team 1-5
Reuben Corbett (NZL) AON Racing Team 1-7
Sung Wook Kim (KOR) Busan Match Team 1-7

WAKA RACING is Phil Robertson, Garth Ellingham, James Williamson, Sam Bell and Hayden Goodrick.

Waka Racing

Thursday 9 June 2011

D35 : Deux pour le prix d'un !

Team Foncia training, with Michel Desjoyeaux at the helm. Image copyright Th. Martinez/Sea&Co.

par Team Foncia media

Fort de leur victoire lors du dernier Grand Prix, le Team Foncia retrouve les eaux suisses pour un week-end qui compte double au classement du Vulcain Trophy : Genève-Rolle-Genève, une classique lémanique, puis la Sogeti Cup, deux jours de Grand Prix. Deux rendez-vous au rythmes bien différents pour lesquels Michel Desjoyeaux et ses équipiers sont prêts à confirmer leur dernière prestation.

Le retour de Mich’ Desj’

Absent lors du Grand Prix précédent, Michel Desjoyeaux retrouve, ce week-end, son équipage : « cela fait plaisir de remonter à bord du D35 FONCIA. On prend vite goût à l’eau douce ! », confie Michel Desjoyeaux. « Pendant mon absence, mon équipage a réalisé de très belles choses. Cela confirme que le casting est bon. Le potentiel est là. Il nous reste à confirmer. »

« Il y a des conclusions à tirer du résultat précédent. Dans le petit temps, il faut être efficace et Xavier Revil pourrait prendre la barre, » avoue Michel. « Ainsi nous allons mieux conjuguer les talents, les égos doivent rester à terre ! »

Une Classique... à ne pas prendre à la légère

40 milles (environ 80 kilomètres), c’est la distance à parcourir pour faire l’aller-retour entre Genève et Rolle. Si un après-midi peut suffire pour « boucler la boucle »(le record à battre est de 2h19mn31s), la difficulté est bien réelle : environ 300 bateaux, toutes tailles confondues, se partagent le même plan d’eau. Il va donc falloir conjuguer avec ce nouveau paramètre pour mettre en place une stratégie gagnante et dérouler le fil de la régate jusqu’au bout.

« À bord, il faudra toujours être très concentré sur le plan d’eau. J’aime bien ces ambiances de course lémanique. Nous savons quand nous partons, mais nous ne savons pas quand nous arriverons, » raconte Antoine Gautier, N°2. « Il y aura beaucoup de bateaux, des très beaux même. Le départ sera spécial puisque la ligne n’est pas forcément alignée dans l’axe du vent. Ce sera un exercice de style très singulier. »

« Heureusement, j’ai déjà couru cette épreuve. C’était en 2009 à bord de FONCIA. À l’époque, on ne parlait que de la Genève-Rolle. Je pensais alors qu’il fallait s’arrêter à Rolle, » plaisante Michel. « J’ai été un peu surpris de devoir continuer. Maintenant, je suis familiarisé avec le parcours ! »

Un Grand Prix pour conclure

Dimanche et lundi seront consacrés à la Sogeti Cup, troisième et dernier Grand Prix lémanique de la saison 2011. Ce sera donc sur des parcours plus classiques (des allers-retours face au vent), mais surtout plus techniques. Les hommes du Team Foncia devront laisser parler leur talent pour tenter de rééditer la très belle performance de la Realstone Cup.

Le mot de la fin

Une fois ces deux épreuves disputées, les équipiers du catamaran arc-en-ciel resteront toute la semaine en Suisse pour s’entraîner spécifiquement en vue du Bol d’Or, dont le départ sera donné le samedi 18 juin.

« Nous mettrons l’accent sur les manœuvres comme les changements de voile, » rapporte Antoine Gautier. « Nous devons optimiser l’organisation du bord pour éviter que trop d’équipiers ne se déplacent en même temps et être le plus efficaces possible. »

« L’intérêt de rester sur place est de pouvoir continuer à travailler et de ne pas perdre du temps dans les transports. Nous allons prendre tout de même une journée pour nous ressourcer, » conclut Michel. « Nous sommes comme une petite famille. Il faut continuer à se faire plaisir ensemble. C’est donc important d’avoir des petits temps à soi sur ces longues périodes. »

Classement général provisoire Vulcain Trophy 2011

1er – CER (1er, 2e = 3pts)
2e – Alinghi (2e, 4e = 6pts)
3e – Veltigroup (4e, 3e = 7 pts)
4e – Artemis Racing (3e, 5e = 8pts)
5e – FONCIA (8e, 1er = 9pts)
6e – De Rham Sotheby’s (5e, 7e = 12pts)
7e – Okalys-Corum (6e, 6e = 12pts)
8e – Zen Too (7e, 8e = 15pts)
9e – Nickel (10e, 9e = 19 pts)
10e – Ladycat (9e, 10e = 19pts)
11e – Ylliam (NC,NC = 22 pts) *
* À noter l’arrivée en milieu de saison d’un 11e concurrent, Ylliam de Pierre-Yves Firmenich.

Équipage du Team FONCIA
Alban Rossollin - N°1
Antoine Gautier – N°2
Franck Citeau - Régleur de voiles d'avant
Jean-Christophe Mourniac – Tactique
Xavier Revil - Chariot de grand-voile
Michel Desjoyeaux - Skipper-Barreur

Calendrier du week-end
Samedi 11 juin – Genève-Rolle-Genève – Départ à 13H00
Dimanche 12 juin : 4 manches à suivre à partir de 13h30
Lundi 13 juin : 4 manches à suivre à partir de 13h00.

Remise des prix à 17H à La Réserve.

Team Foncia
D35 - Vulcain Trophy

D35 : Les Décision 35 prêts à en découdre lors de la première classique du Vulcain Trophy

CER Carrefour Prévention, barré par Jérôme Clerc, qui mène le classement général en 2011. Image copyright Philippe Schiller/

par Aurélie Fontanellaz

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, la Genève-Rolle-Genève et la Sogeti Cup se disputeront le même week-end. En trois jours, les teams engagés dans le Vulcain Trophy engrangeront les points de deux étapes. Samedi, les Décision 35 se mêleront à tous les marins du Lac Léman pour la première classique de la saison. Attention, le départ, au large de la Tour Carrée a été avancé à 13h00. La flotte s’en ira ensuite virer la marque de parcours à Rolle avant de retourner à Genève. Le record a été établi en 1990 et il est de 2heures 19 minutes et 31 secondes. Nicolas Grange, propriétaire d’Okalys-Corum a failli le battre en 2009 alors que les années suivantes le vent s’est montré timide. Les dimanche 12 et lundi 13 juin, les onze Décision 35 retrouveront les parcours de type "banane" pour la Sogeti Cup, quatrième étape du Vulcain Trophy.

Après les deux premières étapes, c’est le CER Carrefour Prévention, barré par Jérôme Clerc, qui mène le classement général devant Alinghi d’Ernesto Bertarelli, second. Veltigroup de Marco Simeoni et barré par Stève Ravussin complète le podium en montant sur sa troisième marche. Les nouveaux-venus sur le circuit suivent regroupés. Artemis Racing de Torbjorn Tornqvist est actuellement à la quatrième place alors que Foncia de Michel Desjoyeaux est cinquième.

Il sera intéressant de voir comment l’équipage suédois mené par Paul Cayard appréhendera le parcours côtier de samedi. Ils pourront compter sur Yvan Ravussin, fin connaisseur du Léman, qui navigue avec eux depuis le début de la saison. A la sixième position, de Rham Sotheby’s de Philippe Cardis reste en embuscade pour remonter dans la première moitié du classement. Okalys-Corum de Nicolas Grange est septième. Mais il pourra compter sur l’une de ses régates de prédilection pour remonter au classement. A seulement trois points des deux équipages devant lui, Zen Too de Guy de Picciotto est huitième après deux étapes. Nickel, barré par Fred Moura est neuvième.

L’équipage Nyonnais a su se montrer très fort sur ces régates longues distances. La Genève-Rolle-Genève est le dernier galop d’essai avant le Bol d’Or Mirabaud présenté par Corum qui a été remporté en 2010 par Ladycat de Dona Bertarelli. Gageons que l’équipage du multicoque fuchsia saura se remémorer leur victoire pour mettre toute leur chance de leur côté. Ladycat est actuellement au dixième rang.

A noter l’arrivée d’Ylliam de Pierre-Yves Firmenich pour les trois dernières étapes en Suisse.

Programme de la Genève-Rolle-Genève

Samedi 11 juin
13h00 Départ de la Genève-Rolle-Genève

Dimanche 12 juin 2011
13h30 Premier départ possible pour un max. de 4 manches au large du port privé de La Réserve-Bellevue

Lundi 13 juin 2011
13h00 Premier départ possible pour un max. de 4 manches au large du port privé de La Réserve-Bellevue
16h00 Dernier départ possible
17h00 Remise des prix de la Sogeti Cup en présence de tous les équipages, suivi d’un apéritif.

D35 - Vulcain Trophy

Auckland to Fiji : Day 3 - A Tense Night Ahead

Nico and Dalts, with Will Oxley in the background. Image copyright Hamish Hooper/CAMPER.

by Hamish Hooper

I’m getting in to this racing stuff.

It has been a knife edge day: We have been getting to the edge of where we think we might be safe to beat the trimaran Vodafone for line honors. We are still not 100% clear but with the CAMPER crew going through the watch system, maintaining good boat speed, and eating up the miles like a mid afternoon snack, we are in a strong position.

As we edge north its slowly getting hotter, like being In a slow cooker on a light simmer being bought to the boil. Speaking of boiling point, I wasn’t far from it this morning when I went down below to start a brew of cottage pie for lunch, only to discover the sink blocked because someone (I have my suspicions) had been sending left over food down it steadily to form a nice rotten blockage. Lucky for me the Spanish Superhero Chuny was on hand to help me fix the problem. Both of us crammed under an already crammed galley, sweating profusely and uttering various cusses. It’s quite funny listening to a Spanish man speaking in Kiwi slang that he has pick up from his children. My language was a little stronger that Chuny’s. We get it fixed eventually. I have very quickly become protective of the sink. The wooden veneer cup holder next to it still looks immaculate.

As I write this, my confidence in getting to Fiji first has just taken a hit. The wind just died... we are doing five knots. This yacht racing sure is a funny old game, never count the chickens before they hatch.

The tension builds again... Oh wait a minute, we are doing 16 knots again and it’s hosing down with rain.

It will be a tense night for sure...

My predicament of the evening; do I go outside in the rain or stay below where it is hot and stinks of really putrid feet. I don’t have much of a choice really, it’s time to put on dinner...

I’ll ponder another kind of predicament over beef teriyaki preparation.


Sails of White Nights : Good Weather Greets the Participants of the City Regatta

Full Metal Jacket (Will Tiller) being chased in the Qualifier for Sails of White Nights. Image copyright Sails of White Nights.

by Sails of White Nights media (in translation by SailRaceWin)

Today 10 crews from 6 countries took part in "Sails of the White nights: National Congress Palace Cup - 2011": Russia, Finland, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Denmark.

Much to our regret circumstances have not enabled Evgenie Neugodnikovu and Joachim Аschenbrenner to reach St. Petersburg and they have notified the race committee and management in writing.

The majority of the registered participants of the regatta "Sails of the White nights" have not come to the competition in St. Petersburg for the first time. For example, Russian Andrey Arbuzov races here for the sixth successive year. After the training session the sportsmen noted that in thi year racers should prepare for a struggle in conditions of a light wind and low water that mean even more complex manoeuvering against the Neva current.

For the second time there is Ekaterina Kutovoj's crew Vladivostok. " We are very glad, that they have invited us to participate in the basic stage of a regatta. This is our first time in man's competitions although we have participated in female competitions three times. I expect excellent work from the crew. For me, this is more important than a victory " - Ekaterina says.

Not for the first time on the waters of the Neva there will be also sportsmen from Denmark (Peter Wibroe), Italy (Simone Ferrarese), and Poland (Маrek Stanczyk). Crews from Finland (Staffan Lindberg), Australia (David Chapman) and New Zealand (William Tiller) will test themselves on the Petersburg water for the first time.

"To participate in races on river waters for me is a first time. I live and I am engaged in sailing in Auckland, and races with us occur in the coastal zone. We have got used to deal with strong enough current arising during inflow - and in that there is a certain similarity with conditions which we see here. As to our expectations from races - I shall be happy if we can reach the semifinal. And there - we shall be defeated!" - William Tiller informed us.

The results of a qualifying stage, which passed in Lahta from 1st - 4th June, from the basic outcome of competitions there were the crews Ekaterina Kutovoj and Maxim Taranova. One more entry has gone to their fellow countryman Sergey Musikhinu who has received a wild-card from organizers.

Over four days, from 8th - 11th June, in the water area of Neva at the Peter and Paul Fortress will pass races of a circular stage (the round-robin). On 12th June, 12th semifinals and the finals take place. The winner, whose name will be announced on Sunday, will receive the Cup of the Palace of the Congresses from the hands of the organizers.

Day One Report (from Full Metal Jacket Racing, Will Tiller)
- conditions were light and shifty, with the strong Neva river current also in play.

Sails of White Nights (grade 1)

Racer Sailed Win Loss
P. Wibroe 4 0 4
S. Lindberg 4 3 1
S. Ferrarese 4 4 0
W. Tiller 5 3 2
E. Kutovaya 4 1 3
D. Chapman 5 2 3
M. Stanczyk 4 0 4
A. Arbuzov 4 3 1
S. Musikhin 4 4 0
M. Taranov 4 1 3

In Russian:

Город встретил участников регаты хорошей погодой

Сегодня в гоночный лагерь международной регаты «Паруса Белых ночей. Кубок Дворца конгрессов - 2011» прибыли 10 экипажей из 6 стран: России, Финляндии, Австралии, Италии, Новой Зеландии и Дании.

К большому сожалению организаторов обстоятельства не позволили приехать в Санкт-Петербург Евгению Неугодникову и Йоахиму Ашенбреннеру, которые письменно уведомили об этом гоночный комитет и дирекцию гонок.

Большинство из зарегистрированных участников регаты «Паруса Белых ночей» приезжают на соревнования в Санкт-Петербург не в первый раз. Например, россиянин Андрей Арбузов выступает здесь уже шестой год подряд. После тренировки спортсмен отметил, что в этом году гонщикам следует готовиться к борьбе в условиях слабого ветра и низкой воды, что делает еще более сложным маневрирование против невского течения.

Во второй раз выходит на дистанцию матч-рейса в Петербурге экипаж Екатерины Кутовой из Владивостока. «Мы очень рады, что нас пригласили участвовать в основном этапе регаты. На мужских соревнованиях мы первый раз, хотя в женских участвовали трижды. Я ожидаю качественной работы своего экипажа, для меня это важнее победы» - говорит Екатерина.

Не впервые в акваторию Невы выйдут и спортсмены из Дании (Петер Вибро), Италии (Симоне Феррарезе), Польши (Марек Станчик). Экипажи из Финляндии (Стаффан Линдберг), Австралии (Давид Чапмэн) и Новой Зеландии (Уильям Тиллер) испытают себя на петербургской воде в первый раз. «Участвовать в гонках на речной акватории мне придется впервые. Я живу и занимаюсь парусным спортом в Окленде, все гонки у нас проходят в прибрежной зоне. Мы привыкли иметь дело с довольно сильным течением, возникающим во время приливов – в этом есть определенная схожесть с условиями, которые мы видим здесь. Что касается наших ожиданий от гонок, то я буду доволен, если мы сможем выйти в полуфинал. А уж там – поборемся!» - сообщил Уильям Тиллер.

Напомним, что по результатам квалификационного этапа, который проходил в Лахте с 1 по 4 июня, в основную сетку соревнований вышел экипаж екатеринбуржца Максима Таранова. Еще одна путевка досталась его земляку Сергею Мусихину, получившему wild-card от организаторов.

В течение четырех дней – с 8 по 11 июня в акватории Невы у Петропавловской крепости будут проходить гонки кругового этапа (раунд-робин). А 12 июня состоятся полуфиналы и финалы. Победитель, имя которого объявят в воскресенье, получит из рук организаторов Кубок Дворца Конгрессов.

Sails of White Nights

Korea Match Cup : Promising start to Korea Match Cup

by Aon Racing media

Day 1 saw a mixed performance from Aon Racing in the Korea Match Cup, ending the day on 1 win and 2 losses. The team lost their first race against America’s Cup helmsman Francesco Bruni. Then led Bjorn Hansen to the last top mark in the second race before a twist in the gennaker saw us lose the lead going down to the finish.

However, after a nervous start to the day the team then bounced back well, leading two time world champion Ian Williams from start to finish to post their first win on the board.

Aon Racing is looking forward to getting back on the race track tomorrow!

The team would to thank their principal sponsor, Aon Insurance Brokers, as well as Club Marine and Allianz. Thanks must also go to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and friends and family, for their support over many years.

Aon Racing is Reuben Corbett (Skipper), Adrian Short (Main), Tom Bentham (Trim), Tom Blampied (Pit) and Benny Butcher(Bow).

Aon Racing

Korea Match Cup : WAKA Racing Report on Day 1

by Waka Racing media

Today was the first day here at the Korea Match Cup. We had 5 races today in a reasonably steady 5-8 knot breeze. With losses against Mirsky (AUS) Campbell-James (GBR) and Gilmore (AUS). Our two wins were against Richard (FRA) and Berntsson (SWE).

From the 5 races we received 7 penalties, definitely a new record for us! Three of them in the one race against Mirsky. We don't feel we have been pushing the boundaries any more than we have in the past but we will be sure to play it safe for our races tomorrow. The races are action packed so if you get the chance to get online and watch the live coverage it is certainly worth while.

Standings after the first Qualifying Session

Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing 4-1
Francesco Bruni (ITA) Bruni Racing 3-1
Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar 3-1
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) The Wave Muscat 3-2
Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team 3-2
Bjorn Hansen (DEN) Mekonomen Sailing Team 2-2
Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team 2-2
Paul Campbell-James (GBR) Dream Team 2-3
Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing 2-3
Reuben Corbett (NZL) AON Racing Team 1-2
Johnie Berntsson (SWE) Berntsson Sailing Team 1-4
Sung Wook Kim (KOR) Busan Match Team 0-3

Waka Racing would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters, Tax Management NZ, KZ Race Furlers, Line 7/Events Clothing, Frontend Design and the RNZYS.

WAKA RACING is Phil Robertson, Garth Ellingham, James Williamson, Sam Bell and Hayden Goodrick.

Waka Racing

Skandia Sail for Gold : Interview with Yachting New Zealand Olympic Manager, Jez Fanstone

Yachting New Zealand
Skandia Sail for Gold

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Raid Revenge : An Image Collage by Love Strandell

Winners: Darren Bundock (AUS) and Jeroen Van Leeuwen (NED) on 2BSailing Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Image copyright Love Strandell/

Magnus ('Mange') Olsson (SWE). Image copyright Love Strandell/

Magnus ('Mange') Olsson (SWE). Image copyright Love Strandell/

Darren Bundock (AUS), winning skipper. Image copyright Love Strandell/

Love Strandell
Raid Revenge

Raid Revenge : Winning Crew, Jeroen Van Leeuwen, Reports on a Tough Regatta

Darren Bundock (AUS) and Jeroen Van Leeuwen (NED), on the C2 F18 2BSailing, winners of the Raid Revenge 2011. Image copyright Love Strandell/

by Jeroen Van Leeuwen

Picture this: Its blowing 20 knts. The spinnaker is up. I'm in the back footstrap. Spinaker sheet in my mouth, GPS in one hand, iPad in the other, Rock in front of you....... And the bloody helm wants to know if we go above or below......?????? And all this in the first 5 minutes of the race!!!

Over the weekend we participated in the Raid Revenge in the Swedish archipelago.

Such a great adventure!

A totally different race format to what we are used to.

Instead of just rounding some marks, we had to navigate our way along waypoints, islands, rocks and big channel markers and in the mean time you have to find your way through the shallow rocky area as fast as you can.

Racing in the Swedish archipelago pushes you to the maximum to find your quickest way! A way that gives you a choice between the shortest and the safest route. It all comes down to navigation, a aspect which was totally new to us course racers! But ..... We managed, with a simple GPS (for the bearing and distance) and an Ipad which gave us a overview of all the islands and rocks, (above and under the water surface) we survived without any damage!!

Apart from the racing, your sailing along one of the most beautiful spots on earth and the total serenity is just incredible!

Over night we stayed in some of those particular Scandinavian cabins, no running water and the toilet is a 1 sqre mtr shed built on top of a hole in the ground. Back to basics!

The organisation took care for the catering of some big Swedish dudes, a few Dutchies and Finnish, a Greek and an Aussie! After a 10 hour sail food becomes your nr 1 need. The big breakfasts, the BBQ and a beer or two were just what we needed!

According to the locals you have do the Scandinavian tradition: the sauna! With the thought of 40 naked Swedish guys in a hot wooden hut we passed on this one..

Conclusion: the Raid Revenge is a low cost challenging fun race for every F18 sailor!

We were treated to the great Swedish hospitality!

An experience I didn’t want to miss. See you next year Sweden!


Plac/Båt nr leg 1 leg 2 leg 3 leg 4 leg 5 leg 6

1 AUS 888 1 1 11 1 1 1
Darren Bundock/Jeroen / Team C2 Totalt 15
2 SWE 66 3 5 2 2 2 2
Tomas Ekefalk/Magnus Lövdén / Skarpa Racing Totalt 15
3 SWE 49 2 6 1 5 3 5
Tomas Westergren/Kalle Blomberg Totalt 22
4 GRE 77 4 4 5 4 3 6
Iordanis Paschalidis/Gustav Dyrssen / Bushi Totalt 26
5 SWE 50 7 3 3 15 5 3
Jonas Frii/Johan Östendahl Totalt 36
6 SWE 888 16 2 4 3 9 4
Benajamin Rubin/Oscar Claesson Totalt 38
7 SWE 48 5 13 7 7 7 14
Petter Karlberg/Robert Albinsson / KARLBERG media AB Totalt 53
8 SWE 21 11 14 6 8 6 9
Leff Dahl/Magnus Nordström Totalt 54
9 SWE 244 8 10 9 11 5 16
Robert Söderberg/Anders Moe Totalt 59
10 SWE 26 12 12 8 6 DNF 7
John Bäck/Gustav Myrin / Team Garmin Totalt 64
11 SWE 924 14 7 15 13 4 12 Leopold Almstedt/Seifert Totalt 6
12 SWE 60 10 8 14 10 11 13 Fredrik Karlsson/Johan Lundqvist Totalt 6
13 Fin 1 6 15 17 14 12 11
Nora Eskola/Janne Riihelä/Outhouse Reggae Totalt 75
14 SWE 39 9 18 13 DNF 8 15
Lars Linder/Erik Brunnberg Totalt 83
15 SWE 28 18 20 20 9 15 8
Noah Donaldson/Marcus Lagerqvist Totalt 90
16 FIN 23 15 17 16 12 14 18
Dan von Weymarn/ Totalt 92
17 SWE 120 19 18 10 19 10 17
Mange Olsson/Juppa Olsson Totalt 93
18 SWE 148 DNF 10 18 17 17 10
Tom Gross/Magnus Castenfors Totalt 94
19 NED 36 17 16 12 18 13 19
Kees Wiesema/Gerard Nakken / Team Waterland Totalt 95
20 SWE 558 13 10 19 16 DNS DNS
Carl-Johan Söder/Per Westergren Totalt 98
21 SWE 43 20 21 21 DNF 16 20
Magnus Nyberg/Johan Fisher / Team Gardio Totalt 120
22 SWE 239 21 22 DNF DNF DNS 21
Peter Magnusson/Stefan Broddesson Totalt 131

Raid Revenge

Banque Populaire entrusts Loïck Peyron with the helm of the Maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V

Loïck Peyron at the helm of Banque Populaire V. Image copyright B. Stichelbaut/BPCE.

by Marine Carrié and Charline Harmonic

Today at a press conference in Paris, Olivier Klein, CEO of the Commercial and Insurance Bank of BPCE Group, announced the appointment of Loïck Peyron as skipper of the Maxi Banque Populaire V. The native from La Baule, holder of 42 Atlantic crossings and 3 laps around the World, will therefore lead the largest ocean racing trimaran ever built on the next Bank’s attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy. Within the Team Banque Populaire, led by Ronan Lucas, Loïck Peyron joins Jeanne Grégoire and Armel Le Cléac'h.

A performance goal

Owner of the Maxi Banque Populaire V, a Figaro Bénéteau and a 60-foot monohull, Official Partner of the French Sailing Federation, the French Sailing Olympic Team, of Eric Tabarly Association and of the CNOSF, Banque Populaire "is in full sail" and heads for 2012, reaffirming its performance objective. After having designated Armel Le Cléac'h to helm her new monohull for the next Vendée Globe, she has now entrusted Loick Peyron with the helm of her maxi multihull for the next record attempt round the world sailing crew non-stop and unassisted.

Loick Peyron, with impressive credits on all types of boats, is a multihull specialist who has developed numerous boats in this category. His experience with world tours and the G-Class is unquestionable. At the helm of the Maxi multihull Innovation Explorer, he ranked second in "The Race", the first "no limits”

Loïck is a perfect ambassador of the Banque Populaire’s values. Enterprising, intelligent, audacious and always ready to face new challenges, he is also one of the most popular sportsmen in France for many years

Olivier Klein, CEO of the Commercial and Insurance Bank of BPCE Group has, during the press conference, stressed the consistency in the selection Loïck Peyron. "The Maxi Banque Populaire V is an illustration of the credo that animates every Banques Populaires: confidence in the willingness of men to reach their full potential through their projects and work, through their desire to excel, their personal commitment, as their team spirit. Every day in our regions, Banques Populaires accompany daring and enterprising people to make their desire to act a reality. This project also demonstrates the taste of the Bank for challenges. Loick Peyron, by his exceptional career and his appreciation of challenges seemed the perfect candidate to lead this ship so emblematic of our company. "

Loick Peyron said he was "very pleased to be entrusted with such a great project within a high quality team. " He also "thanked Banque Populaire, the historic sailing sponsor, for her confidence. "

A new chapter in the sailing history of the Bank, a major player in the nautical world, has begun. It is now time for Loick Peyron and his crew to write the lines.

The beginning of the season will be dedicated to training, in the next few days off Lorient, home port of the largest multihull. Then, from June 17 to 21st, the Maxi Banque Populaire V and her team will take part in the Record SNSM and in the historic Fastnet race in August.

Then, the time will come to prepare for the Jules Verne Trophy which the standby period is set for early November 2011.

About Banques Populaires

The Banque Populaire network consists of 18 regional Banques Populaires, of theCredit Cooperative and of the Casden Banque Populaire. Independent, these banks exercise in all areas of commercial banking and insurance in a close relationship with their customers. Banque Populaire, with 7.8 million customers (including 3.8 million members) and 3,300 branches, is part of the second largest banking group in France: BPCE Group

Loick Peyron
Portrait and credits extract
Skipper of the Maxi Banque Populaire V
Born on December 1, 1959 in Nantes
Married, 4 children

Son of a sailing enthusiast, Loïck learned how to sail alongside his two brothers Stephen and Bruno at the Pouliguen, in the Loire-Atlantique region. In 1972 he was twelve years old when his uncle Jean-Yves Terlain took him to attend the launching of Vendredi-13, with which he will later participate in The Transat. Impressed, the man who is sometimes today referred to as "the Last of the Mohicans, "is, as a child, already dreaming of becoming a professional skipper. From that moment the young man devoted himself to speed on sea and becomes passionate, in a permanent quest for performance.

That is it; he will sail around oceans and undertakes his first transatlantic crossing at eighteen years old.

In the 1990s, at the helm of the trimaran Fujicolor, he won many races and no fewer than 4 titles of ORMA* Championship in 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2002. Loïck Peyron has been consistently sailing, always multiplying experience on different boats. No sailing boat model escapes him and he has, over the years, built himself a formidable record in racing ocean. He has, in particular, won three times The Transat, (race alone), participated in three rounds the world, crossed 42 times
the Atlantic, including 15 times solo.

Loick also has qualities in communicating in an outstanding way, always eager to share his passion for sailing. Officer of the Legion of Honor, he is, beyond a harden sailor, a major advisor in the field of shipbuilding in line with big names like Eric Tabarly.

An Exceptional carrer

• In 1985, he won the Race of Europe aboard "Lada Poch".
• In 1985, he won a leg victory in La Solitaire du Figaro.
• In 1987, he won La Baule-Dakar aboard "Lada Poch 2".
• In 1990, he finished second aboard "Lada Poch 3", on the Vendee Globe Challenge although he had to divert to give assistance to Philippe Poupon who capsized.
• Between 1992 and 2005, 8 times winner of the Trophée Clairefontaine and 2 times twice of the Transat.
• Between 1993 and 1999, he won 13 victories and two second ranks out of 15 Grand Prix.

2000 to date ...
• During the 2000-2001 edition of The Race, he finished 2nd aboard the maxi trimaran
Innovation Explorer and undertook this circumnavigation with crew in 64d 22h 32min38s
• In 2001, he won the Transat Jacques Vabre aboard the trimaran "Fujifilm".
• In 2005, he won the Transat Jacques Vabre with Jean-Pierre Dick on the 60 foot monohull Virbac-Paprec.
• Between 2005 and 2007, he got 8 victories out of 9 races.
• From 2006, the Rothschild family appointed Loick Peyron as General Directora of Gitana Team. The team built a 60-foot monohull, "Gitana Eighty," with which Loick Peyron won The Transat in 2008.
• A few months later, during the Vendee Globe, "Gitana Eighty" dismasted fifteen miles behind the leader, forcing Loïck to retire.
• Loick Peyron participated in the 2010 "Alinghi adventure ", alongside Ernesto Bertarelli, as co-helmsman in the the America's Cup battle.
• On April 4, after 3 months at sea with Jean Pierre Dick, skipper of "Virbac Paprec 3", he won the Barcelona World Race (dual race around the world by the 3 caps). The 21 and 22 January
2011, during the Barcelona World Race, Loick Peyron and Jean-Pierre Dick set a new 24h record on a 60 feet monohull covering the distance of 506.333 nautical miles.

* Ocean Racing Multihulls Association: Class of 60-foot trimarans

Loïck Peyron at the helm of Banque Populaire V. Image copyright B. Stichelbaut/BPCE.

Excerpt from interview
Olivier Klein
Director General Commercial and Insurance Bank of BPCE Group

New challenges and a commitment remaining strong

"We are very pleased to entrust Loick Peyron with the Maxi Banque Populaire V’s helm. He is a friendly sailor with an exceptional talent. I have no doubt that the Team Banque Populaire with Loïck will perform great things in this exciting adventure. "

"The appointment of Loïck concludes a series of announcements confirming our willingness to engage in sailing in a performance quest along with a desire of proximity. Performance with our three skippers, Armel, Jeanne and Loïck within the Team Banque Populaire, proximity with all our actions and those of regional banks for the development of sailing in France. "

Loick Peyron
Skipper of Maxi Banque Populaire V

"I am very pleased and honored by the confidence that Banque Populaire has in me. And also aware of the enormous burden and the high liability represented by the Jules Verne Trophy. It's also great, a difficult challenge to overcome, but if there is something that I know how to do, is to adapt myself. For the human parts and the mechanical aspects, there is a great team around and everything seems well established. I now have to use this tools already created and manage them, it still remains a heavy load. "

Maxi Banque Populaire V has got a high potential

"On the Maxi Banque Populaire V, everything seems to have been nicely done and from the outside, I had a good feeling about the boat's potential. She has already proven it with the first nice records which are the North-Atlantic crossing, the 24h record and the Mediterranean, and has got everything to beat the Jules Trophy Verne. The almost entire program has been achieved, this boat holds, and for a long time, the most beautiful records. The Jules Verne only remains! We hope to have some chance on the weather as it is now what prevails on this record. One attitude of today’s records hunters is knowing that it can sometimes take several attempts ».

No reason to change the crew

"About the crew, it a priori turns out that there is no reason change anything, except for some downtime of some of them. Having the experience of the boat and of records is a benefit when getting into a team already in place ».

Ronan Lucas,
Director of the Team Banque Populaire

For synergies

"We are very pleased to welcome Loïck in the Team. He benefits from an extensive experience, with whom we hope winning this great challenge that is the Jules Verne Trophy. We have often been competitors in the ORMA championship and have had great battles. He has an undeniable talent and incredible vista. I think it is one of the best sailor in France and even worldwide.

"In terms of the Team Banque Populaire, now that our fleet is in full force, we will go for synergies and skills of the Team, especially in the fields of electronics, composite, information technology, logistics and administration for the benefit of every Banque Populaire’s boats from the Figaro to the Maxi, including of course our new 60 ' monohull. The goal is to place the different sports teams and their respective skippers in the best conditions for everyone to achieve their goals. Achievements and developments of a boat can be used for the entire fleet.

"In response to the fleet development and performance objectives, I am surrounded by the Team in place for 7 years that continues and has expanded this winter with a new technical director and referring during the Trophée Jules Verne, Pierre-Emmanuel Hérissé. "PE", as we all call him, in charge of the technical coordination between the different projects, will also have an eye on the 60 ' monohull as it has a long experience of these boats. The Team’s added value lies in its experience over many years in the development and construction of high performance boats such as the trimaran 60 feet Banque Populaire IV and the Maxi Banque Populaire V. So today, we put our knowledge at the service of all our projects. Including that of our Research Department headed by Kevin Escoffier, who is currently working on the ballasts’s redistribution of the Monohull 60 'Banque Populaire, while ensuring the follow up on the Maxi’s repairs with Pierre-Yves Moreau, , « boat captain », for her next attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy. "

Extract from Loïck Peyron’s credits
- 42 Atlantic crossings, including 17 solo
- 3 around the world races
- 5 ORMA Champion titles

• 2011
o Barcelona World Race: Winner on Virbac Paprec 3 with Jean-Pierre Dick
• 2008
o SNSM Record: Winner aboard the monohull Gitana Eighty
o The Transat: Winner on Gitana Eighty
o Spi Ouest France: Winner on Domaine du Mont d'Arbois, an Open 7.50 of the Gitana Team
• 2007
o Transat Ecover BtoB: Winner on the monohull Gitana Eighty
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 8th on Gitana Eighty with Jean-Baptiste Levaillant (transatlantic double)
o Lake Geneva Bol d'Or: Winner on Okalys (D35)
• 2006
o Julius Baer Challenge: Winner on Okalys (D35)
• 2005
o Lake Geneva Bol d'Or: Winner on Okalys (D35)
o Julius Baer Challenge: Winner on Okalys (D35)
o Transat Jacques Vabre: Winner, double as co-skipper on the monohull Virbac-Paprec of Jean-Pierre Dick
o Route des Iles : Winner with Dimitri Deruelle
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
• 2003
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 2nd, double as co-skipper on Belgacom trimaran Jean-Luc Nélias
o Figaro: 6th
• 2002
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
• 2001
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 3rd on the trimaran Fujifilm
o The Race: 2nd on the catamaran Innovation Explorer
• 1999
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 1st on Fujicolor II with Franck Proffit
o Course de l’Europe: 1st on Fujicolor II
• 1998
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
o Route du Rhum: 5th Fujicolor II
o Course de l’Europe: Winner on Fujicolor II
• 1997
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
o Course de l’Europe: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 3rd on Fujicolor II
• 1996
o Transat: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
o Transat Quebec-Saint Malo: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Grand Prix de Fecamp: Winner on Fujicolor II
• 1995
o Clairefontaine Trophy: Winner
o Course de l’Europe: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Grand Prix de Fecamp: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Grand Prix de Saint Nazaire: Winner on Fujicolor II
• 1994
o Multihull Trophy: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Twostar: 2nd on Fujicolor II
• 1993
o Multihull Trophy: Winner on Fujicolor II
o Transat Jacques Vabre: 3rd monohull on Fujicolor II
o Course de l’Europe: Winner on Fujicolor II

Banque Populaire V