Saturday 16 October 2010

America's Cup: Updates to the AC72 Rule in Finalised Version since Draft version 2.0

by Pete Melvin

Since the previous preliminary AC72 draft rule released Oct 6, the following changes have been made:

1. Modified introductory statements
2. Updated definitions
3. Modified limitations on appendages
4. Removed sails from sailing weight rule
5. Modified hull height volume minimums
6. Added provisions for fairings aft of cross structure
7. Added provisions and rules for a short wing
8. Modified height limitations on cross structure and the wing rotation point
9. Modified limitations on wing spar lengths
10. Modified the wing measurement grid Appendix D and clarified wing measurement procedures
11. Eliminated limitations on wing axes of rotation
12. Modified wing weight and cg limitations
13. Modified sail dimensions and definitions
14. Modified sail hoist point dimensions and definitions
15. Modified limits on battens
16. Reduced hull fiber modulus limit to 245 Gpa
17. Added core density minimums for hull outer shell
18. Updated inspection and measurement rules
19. Added measurement certificate Appendix A
20. Updated hull symmetry and hull height diagram Appendix C

Click here for the finalised AC72 Class Rule

Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering, Inc.

America's Cup: Wingsailed 72ft Catamaran to Transform America's Cup Racing

AC72 Class Rule finalised and published

by Tim Jeffery

From concept to completed Class Rule in less than four months, full details of the new high-performance wingsailed catamaran were published today.

The spectacular AC72 catamaran ensures that the 34th America’s Cup will feature the best sailors in the world on the fastest boats.

The AC72 Class Rule moves America’s Cup racing to catamarans with a speed potential of three times the wind speed, putting the venerable competition back at the forefront of technology.

The finalized class rule represents a tireless effort by Pete Melvin and his team at Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc to create a new boat on behalf of the America’s Cup community.

On July 2, to ensure the rule was created independently, the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club and its sailing team BMW ORACLE Racing presented a two page concept paper to US SAILING and Morrelli & Melvin and asked them to turn it into a fully-formed multihull design rule.

Throughout the AC72’s gestation, the fundamental requirements have remained unchanged:

* Ensure fast, exciting racing
* Challenge sailors and designers
* Capture fans’ imagination
* Be versatile across the wind range, to minimize race delays
* Be capable of competitive racing in light and strong winds
* Incorporate wide-ranging cost-reduction features

“The AC72s will look amazing, will be very fast, and will take the America’s Cup into a new dimension,” said Melvin, himself a multihull champion.

“There will be nothing else like them, which perfectly matches the allure and appeal of the America’s Cup,” Melvin added. “We are grateful for the input of many, many designers, sailors and other experts.”

On September 16 a draft was circulated to potential teams and the sailing community at large. Since then over 500 comments were received and assimilated by Melvin’s team. Many have been incorporated into the final rule.

Teams may design and build a maximum of two AC72 catamarans. The AC72s will be raced from the 2012 season onwards in America’s Cup World Series events that will lead to the Selection Series and the America’s Cup Match in 2013.

In 2011, teams will compete in identical AC45’s, “the little sister with attitude.” This one-design catamaran will provide teams with state-of-the-art wingsail technology and fast-track their multihull racing skills.

Click here for the AC72 Class Rule


The AC72. Image copyright America's Cup.

AC72 Key Features:

Hull Length 22.00 m (72 feet)
Length Overall 26.20 m (85 feet)
Beam 14.00 m (46 feet)
Weight (w/o crew) 5900 kg (13,000 pounds)
Crew 11
Maximum Draft 4.40 m (14 feet)
Wingsail Height 40.00 m (131 feet)
Tall Wingsail Area 260.0 m2 (2,800 square feet)
Short Wingsail Area 230.0 m2 (2,475 square feet)
Projected Top Speed 32 knots
Onboard cameramen 2 maximum
Cameramen positions 3 (1 aft, 1 forward in each hull)
Remote TV cameras 7
High quality audio microphones 18 (including 11 crew)
Easy assembly/disassembly Under 48 hours

Cost Reductions compared to 32nd America’s Cup:

* 11-person crews (reduced from 17 on ACC class monohulls)
* Boat lengths reduced to 72 feet from 82 feet
* No-sailing periods enforced
* Simple crane lift in/lift out – no special hoists or docks required
* Shipping and centralized logistics paid for by event
* Liberalized design rules encouraging non-exclusive design
* Consolidated competitor facilities at World Series: sail lofts, workshop, etc
* World Series negates need for permanent team fixed-bases
* Centralized meteorological service and ban on weather boats

America's Cup

Excellence in Sailing Recognised at the 2010 Australian Yachting Awards

Nicole Souter (far right) and crew - Female Sailor of the Year. Image copyright Andrea Francolini.

by Craig Heydon

The winners of the 2010 Australian Yachting Awards have been announced in Sydney with a gala event for 250 guests at the Deckhouse in Woolwich.

James Spithill was named Male Sailor of the Year after becoming the first Australian since John Bertrand in 1983 to helm an America’s Cup winning boat. Spithill is a worthy recipient of the award after taking charge of the giant 90-foot multihull, USA-17, in the Deed-Of-Gift match against Alinghi in Valencia in February. Tonight was the second time that Spithill has been named Male Sailor of the Year following his victory in 2006.

Australian Women’s Match Racing Team skipper Nicky Souter and her crew Rayshele Martin, Nina Curtis, Lucinda Whitty, Kat Stroinovsky and Amanda Scrivenor were named Female Sailor of the Year following their victory at the 2009 ISAF Women’s Match Racing World Championship in Sweden.

Glenn Ashby receiving the 2010 President's Award. Image copyright Andrea Francolini.

Yachting Australia President Andrew Plympton presented his annual President’s Award to Glenn Ashby. Ashby was recognised for his continual success and tireless work both on and off the water which has seen him win an Olympic medal, multiple World Championships and in 2010 he coached the BMW Oracle crew to victory in the 33rd America’s Cup.

The OAMPS Insurance Brokers Youth Sailor of the Year award was presented to solo sailor Jessica Watson following her successful circumnavigation of the world on her yacht Ella’s Pink Lady. Watson returned home to a hero’s welcome on Sydney Harbour in May 2010.

The Sailor of the Year with a Disability award was won by Queensland teenager Angus MacGregor. MacGregor’s win comes following his victory at the Access 2.3 World Championship earlier this year with his award coming after he was a finalist at the 2009 Australian Yachting Awards.

The Boat Shed at Albert Park received the Sport Promotion Award. The Boat Shed continues to go from strength to strength in introducing children to the sport of sailing and has become a centerpiece for the promotion of sailing in Melbourne.

The Sport Professional Award was presented to Alistair Murray for his continual efforts in the sport, not only as CEO of Ronstan but for his work in organising events. Alistair has had success on the water, winning a number of national titles, along with a world title.

Queensland’s David Brookes received the Volunteer of the Year award, recognising him for service on a local and national level.

The 2010 Australian Yachting Awards also saw two individuals receive Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport of sailing over at least 20 and in 2010 was awarded to Tony Mooney from New South Wales and Kevin Wood from Victoria.

Yachting Australia

RC44: A new leader at the RC 44 Fleet Race Worlds

Stronger winds shuffle the standings and make the docks resemble pit lane

AEZ RC44 Sailing team leads the pack during race seven, before winning ahead of 17 and Katusha. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship.

by RC44 media

BMW ORACLE Racing skipper Jimmy Spithill and amateur helmsman Anders Myralf of Denmark rode the strength of all single-digit finishes to push their yacht 17 in the lead for the RC 44 Fleet Race World Championship for the Islas Canarias Puerto Calero Cup.

Spithill, who today was named Australian Male Sailor of the Year by the Australian Yachting Federation, and Myralf posted finishes of 1-7-3-2 to overtake the previous leader, BMW ORACLE Racing, with local sailor Jose Juan Calero helming and Russell Coutts calling tactics.

Anders Myralf on board 17 (USA) leads the race ahead of Katusha (RUS). Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship.

On a day when good winds – southwesterlies between 8 and 16 knots – returned to the racecourse, there were four different winners of today’s heats: 17, Harm Müller Spreer and Sea Dubai, Pieter Heerema’s No Way Back from The Netherlands and Rene Mangold’s AEZ RC 44 Racing of Austria.

Myralf guided 17 to victory in the first race of the day, Race 4 of the series.

“It was quite hard to find the right lanes today, but Jimmy and the crew did a fantastic job finding those lanes,” said Myralf of Denmark. “We were leading that race at the first top mark, but then lost out on the finish line and placed seventh. It only shows how close this racing is; it’s so close.”

The RC44 fleet sailing downwind under a dramatic sky. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship.

Müller-Spreer helmed Sea Dubai to victory in Race 5, guided by tactician Markus Wieser. Müller-Spreer is helming his third regatta, but finds himself in fourth place with a day to go.

Müller-Spreer won perhaps the most exciting race of the day. Sea Dubai was running third at the final windward mark, but gained the win in the final jibe to the finish.

“We had a good race, the one we won,” said Müller-Spreer. “We came from a bad position on the first upwind leg, but we fought hard the whole time and we caught up to first on the finish line.”

The conditions were perfect today, with a light breeze increasing to 12 knots throughout the day. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship.

After recalling the win, Müller-Spreer went on to say that they need to become more consistent. Prior to the victory, they finished 10th in Race 4.

“I’m satisfied with the result because I’m sailing this boat for only the third time, but we have to do it a bit better because we had some bad results in between,” said Müller-Spreer.

Mangold and the AEZ crew can attest to that. The Austrians preceded their Race 7 win with finishes of 11-6-13. Sometimes it takes a last to forget worrying about the fleet and just go sailing.

“We had a good start, and then sailed well around the course,” said Mangold. “For us it’s better when there’s more consistent wind. We lost the race before it, and when that happens you feel freer, you can sail your own race and not worry about things.”

BMW ORACLE Racing (USA) is the most consistent team so far in this regatta. Image copyright Nico Martinez/RC44 World Championship.

The conditions seemed to wake everyone up from the week-long slumber. After Monday’s opening day, the winds have rarely blown above 8 knots. The stronger winds put a premium on quick reflexes, otherwise collisions resulted. And there were a few.

The docks resembled a pit lane with damaged bows and stern scoops removed to be replaced by new pieces. The desire to win a world championship comes at a price.

Tomorrow’s final day of racing is scheduled to begin with a warning signal at 1130 local.

Highlights video of racing on Day 5 of the RC44 Worlds:


Fleet Racing (after 7 races)

1. 17 (USA) Anders Myralf/Jimmy Spithill – 3-11-1-1-7-3-2 – 28 points
2. BMW ORACLE Racing (USA) Juan Jose Calero/Russell Coutts – 2-5-2-3-5-4-11 – 32
3. No Way Back (NED) Pieter Heerema/Ray Davies – 5-6-8-2-4-1-10 – 36
4. Team Sea Dubai (UAE) Harm Müller-Spreer/Markus Wieser – 4-1-12-10-1-9-7 – 44
5. Ceeref (SLO) Igor Lah/Rod Davis – 11-8-3-6-3-10-4 – 45
6. Artemis (SWE) Torbjorn Tornqvist/Terry Hutchinson – 10-3-5-4-8-8-6 – 46*
7. Katusha (RUS) Guennadi Timtchenko/Paul Cayard – 13-7-10-5-2-7-3 – 47
8. AEZ RC 44 Sailing Team (AUT) René Mangold/Christian Binder – 8-13-4-11-6-13-1 – 56
9. Peninsula Petroleum (ESP) John Bassadone/Inaki Castaner – 12-4-6-7-12-2-14 – 57
10. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (ESP) Daniel Calero/Jose Maria Ponce – 7-2-13-13-9-6-8 – 58
11. Mascalzone Latino (ITA) Vincenzo Onorato/Francesco Bruni – 1-9-9-9-10-5-14 – 59*
12. Team Aqua (UAE) Chris Bake/Cameron Appleton – 6-10-7-8-13-12-9 – 67*
13. Synergy Russian Sailing Team (RUS) Maxim Logutenko/Evgeniy Neugodnikov – 9-12-11-12-11-11-5 – 71
(*Points total includes 2-point penalty for on-water infraction)


RC44: A Very Good Day for Katusha on Day 2 of the Fleet Racing Worlds

by Paul Cayard

A very good day for Katusha today. We scored 2, 3, 5, 7 in the four races held in 10-15 knots of steady Southerly wind. A combination of good starts, good speed and minimizing maneuvers were the keys to a great day.

We moved from 12th place overall to 7th, just three points out of 4th. Sea Dubai is on 44, Cereef is on 45, Artemis on 46 and Katusha on 47. There is a bit of a gap ahead and behind our group.

USA 17 and BMW Oracle continue to dominate the racing and lead the standings overall. Third is the Dutch team No Way Back.

It was a beautiful day today...prototypical for the near tropics. Crystal clear, 27C and a moderate breeze and smooth seas.

There were a few collisions, but fortunately none involved Katusha.

Three more races are scheduled tomorrow. The forecast is for 10-15 knots, so it should be another nice day for sailing.

Artemis Racing

BMW ORACLE Racing Skipper James Spithill Named Male Sailor of the Year in Australian Yachting Awards

Sailing team coach Glenn Ashby also honoured

James Spithill and the America's Cup at NASDAQ, New York. Image copyright Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW ORACLE Racing.

by Tim Jeffery

BMW ORACLE Racing announces with great pride that team skipper James Spithill has won the Australian Male Sailor of the Year award for 2009-2010.

Spithill (31, Sydney, Australia) won the award for guiding BMW ORACLE Racing’s trimaran USA to victory in the 33rd America’s Cup Match last February.

“It’s an honor to have won the award. I’d like to congratulate all the other competitors and nominees, and especially thank my family, my father (Arthur) and brother (Tom),” Spithill said in his acceptance speech.

James Spithill (AUS). Image copyright Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW ORACLE Racing.

Spithill’s father and brother represented him at the ceremony hosted by the sport’s national authority, Australian Yachting, at The Deckhouse, Sydney Harbor.

“I’d love to be there, but I’m in the Canary Islands competing at the RC 44 World Championship,” Spithill said in a video message broadcast at the ceremony.

“We just wrapped up the RC 44 world match racing part of the series. That’s what the award is all about, going out and winning races,” said Spithill.

Spithill previously won the Australian Sailor of the Year award in 2005-06 for winning the ISAF World Match Racing Championship and the Melges 24 World Championship.

Spithill is just the second Australian to skipper a winning America’s Cup yacht. He follows John Bertrand who, in 1983, steered the first challenger to win the America’s Cup and broke the New York Yacht Club’s 132-year winning streak.

“It’s been a fantastic year,” Spithill said. “The America’s Cup has been a dream of mine. Ever since I was a kid in 1983 and John Bertrand won in Australia II.

“To Larry Ellison (team founder) and Russell Coutts (CEO), it was a fantastic effort to build up the team they did. I thought it was quite courageous to make a decision on the wingsail, which is the largest wing ever built.

“This award is an individual award, but I’m not standing here as an individual. There’s no way I could have achieved what I have without the help of the team and my family.

“BMW ORACLE Racing was a team of more than 150 people. To get that sort of coordination, communication and teamwork working together, it was incredible feeling when it all comes together at the end and you pull off the result.”

Additionally, BMW ORACLE Racing sailing team coach Glenn Ashby (33, Melbourne, Australia) received the President’s Award from Australian Yachting.

Glenn Ashby (AUS). Image copyright Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW ORACLE Racing.

Ashby played a critical role in expanding the sailing team’s confidence aboard the 90-foot trimaran at the beginning of the year. Later in the year, he and Spithill teamed up to capture second place at the International C Class Catamaran Championship.

“Quite simply, there’s no way I could have been ready to sail USA 17 in the America’s Cup without Glenn’s help,” said Spithill. “I speak on behalf of the sailing team when I say that. We had a very limited amount of time to sail the boat, and myself and most of the team didn’t come from multihull backgrounds.

“It was those long days on the water when Glenn pushed us and the boat to go beyond our own limits. I have to put that down to Glenn and his drive and determination.”

Ashby clinched his seventh A Class Catamaran World Championship in Italy last July. It was his 14th world title.


La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale: Great Gathering of Multi 50s

Prince de Bretagne / Lionel Lemonchois, © AFP

by Régis Lerat (in translation by SailRaceWin)

They are avid, enlightened, hardened skippers or legendary sailors and all have in common the same passion for multihulls. On October 31 next, they will be twelve solo sailors all wanting to register their names in the list of awards of La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2010 in the open category and full of promise: the Class Multi 50.

They remained in the shadow of the longer established 60 footers for a long time, but the Multi 50 devotees have, in recent years, shown the status of a class climbing up in the multihull offshore racing community, and becoming emancipated of their inheritance. With strict rules, designed above all to negotiate the best compromise between performance and limitation of the costs of construction, this association seduces more and more skippers and boat owners who find therein the answer to their cravings for oceanic challenges. A true laboratory of ideas, this series, in which the dynamism does not stop asserting itself, attracts, equally, the most inspring naval architects of the moment; of Guillaume Verdier at the office of VPLP, while going through Nigel Irens and Benoît Cabaret, none of the more highly regarded naval architects of the moment has not been involved. With three brand new multis put in the water in 2009 - Crepes Whaou!, Actual, Prince of Brittany - the class of the "small" multihulls should not be embarassed by its performances between St Malo and Pointe à Pitre.

Twelve sailors but just one victory

Concentrated by technology and pointed expressions of the imagination, the Multi 50s fix the same eclecticism in their conception as in their steering. From every point of view, it is Lionel Lemonchois himself who should be the man to beat. In the 60 foot class, four years ago, the Norman made a big entrance, with talent and humility, in the history of La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale. This year, it is at the helm of the one of these new generation trimarans that he will come to defend his title and defy the big insatiable man of the series, Franck-Yves Escoffier. A long time shy of competition, the Malouin, triple winner of the class, can today rejoice at having opposed to his all new Crepes Whaou! an opponent of his measure. For this, it is necessary to be able to count on the combativeness of Yves Le Blévec who has a significant revenge to take on the Atlantic after his premature abandonment on the last Transat Jacques Vabre, the first offshore race of his trimaran Actual. To these three favourites, let's add the confirmed ocean racers who are Lalou Roucayrol or Erwan Le Roux and the informed amateurs who are Loïck Fequet, Philippe Laperche, Erik Nigon, Anne Caseneuve, and John-François Lilti the only competitor in a catamaran, Hervé de Carlan or Gilles Buekenhout, signed up in the famous Nootka which made the La Route du Rhum legendary. Twelve sailors for one crown and one highly coveted victory.

In French:

Fenêtrea- Cardinal Erwan Le Roux, © AFP

Ils sont amateurs éclairés, skippers aguerris ou marins de légende et tous ont en commun une même passion pour les multicoques. Le 31 octobre prochain, ils seront douze solitaires à vouloir inscrire leur nom au palmarès de la Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2010 dans une catégorie ouverte et pleine de promesses : la Classe Multi 50.

Longtemps restés dans l'ombre de leurs aînés de 60 pieds, les Multi 50 affichent depuis ces dernières années leur statut de classe montante de la course au large en multicoque, s'émancipant de leur héritage. Avec des règles strictes destinées avant tout à ménager le meilleur compromis entre performance et limitation des coûts de construction, cette association séduit de plus en plus de skippers et d'armateurs qui y trouvent la concrétisation de leurs envies de défis océaniques. Véritable laboratoire d'idées, cette série dont le dynamisme ne cesse de s'affirmer attire également les architectes les plus inspirés du moment ; de Guillaume Verdier au cabinet VPLP, en passant par Nigel Irens et Benoît Cabaret, aucun des orfèvres les plus en vue du moment ne manque à l'appel. Avec trois bolides flambant neufs mis à l'eau en 2009 - Crêpes Whaou!, Actual, Prince de Bretagne - la catégorie des "petits" multicoques ne devraient pas avoir à rougir de ses performances entre Saint-Malo et Pointe à Pitre.

Douze marins pour une victoire

Concentrés de technologie et expression des imaginations les plus pointues, les Multi 50 affichent le même éclectisme dans leur conception que dans leur pilotage. A tout seigneur, tout honneur, c'est Lionel Lemonchois lui-même qui devrait se voir attribuer le ciré d'homme à battre. En 60 pieds il y a quatre ans, le Normand avait frappé un grand coup, entrant avec talent et humilité dans l'histoire de La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale. Cette année, c'est à la barre de l'un de ces trimarans nouvelle génération qu'il viendra défendre son titre et défier l'insatiable gros bras de la série, Franck-Yves Escoffier. Longtemps privé de concurrence, le Malouin, triple vainqueur de la catégorie, peut aujourd'hui se réjouir d'avoir face à son tout nouveau Crêpes Whaou! un répondant à sa mesure. Pour ce faire il pourra compter sur la combativité d'Yves Le Blévec qui aura forcément une revanche à prendre sur l'Atlantique après son abandon prématuré sur la dernière Transat Jacques Vabre, première course au large de son trimaran Actual. A ces trois favoris, ajoutons les coureurs d'océans confirmés que sont Lalou Roucayrol ou Erwan Le Roux et les amateurs avisés que sont Loïck Fequet, Philippe Laperche, Erik Nigon, Anne Caseneuve, Jean-François Lilti seul concurrent engagé sur un catamaran, Hervé de Carlan ou encore Gilles Buekenhout, en lice sur le célèbre Nootka qui a fait la légende de La Route du Rhum. Douze marins pour un sacre et une victoire plus que convoitée.

La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale

La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale: Coca-Cola Enterprise Official Supplier to La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2010

© DR

by Régis Lerat (summarised in translation by SailRaceWin)

For the first time, Coca-Cola Entreprise has been chosen as official supplier to la Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale 2010. This is an essential event for the big names in sailing, who will leav St Malo on 31st October next to meet up again in Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe).

The objectives of Coca-Cola Entreprise :
1. To make the public aware of recycling pacakging so that they think more about doing so at home
2. To make recycling ‘fun'
3. To collect and recycle all the plastic bottles and cans sold at this event.

In French:

Pour la première fois, Coca-Cola Entreprise a été choisie comme fournisseur officiel de la Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale 2010. Un évènement incontournable pour les grands noms de la voile qui partiront le 31 octobre prochain de Saint Malo pour rejoindre Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe)

Un évènement qui réunira près d'1.200.000 spectateurs sur les quais de St Malo. Des boissons pour toutes les envies de la marque Coca-Cola seront misent en vente. Mais Coca-Cola Entreprise mettra également à disposition des organisateurs des zones de recyclages. Accueillir pendant une semaine plus de 1 million de spectateurs reste tant pour les organisateurs que pour la ville, un challenge dans la préservation et la propreté du site, des quais et des enceintes de la citadelle et la sécurité. Coca-Cola Entreprise a décidé de s'engager auprès de la ville de Saint Malo en proposant un dispositif complet et innovant de recyclage de nos emballages. Ainsi Coca-Cola Entreprise apporte à l'évènement en toute légitimité une prise de parole d'écocitoyenneté avec une solution additionnelle à leur propre structure. Avec eux nous allons recycler ! Pour Arnaud Rolland, Responsable du Développement Durable chez Coca-Cola Entreprise : «Nous voulons contribuer de manière positive à augmenter le taux de recyclage des bouteilles plastiques et des canettes et pour cela, nous avons choisi de le faire de manière ludique pour encourager le geste de tri et en expliquer l'utilité».

3 dispositifs distincts seront mis en place lors de ces événements :
(a) Une boutique du recyclage sera mise en place où en contrepartie de bouteilles plastiques rapportées, les participants obtiendront un objet réalisé en plastique recyclé (t-shirt, casquettes, ponchos) pour matérialiser la seconde vie des bouteilles plastiques une fois triées et recyclées).

(b) Un dispositif de collecte ludique et mobile sous forme de tricycle électrique
équipé d'un caisson et d'un panier de basket permettant la collecte de canettes et de bouteilles plastiques sous le titre générique de “Marque des points pour ta planète”.

* Par une action interactive (jouer au basket avec sa canette ou sa bouteille), on invite à participer à un geste citoyen.
* A la fin de chaque récolte, les chauffeurs iront déposer les déchets d'emballage dans un endroit de centralisation pour le recyclage.

(c) Le Jardin Recyclé pour la première fois sur un évènement en France :
* Un compacteur compressera les bouteilles plastiques rapportées par le public pour créer un lieu convivial.
* Un espace convivial fait de PET recyclé.

Les objectifs de Coca-Cola Entreprise :
1. Sensibiliser le public au recyclage des emballages pour favoriser le geste de tri à domicile
2. Rendre le recyclage ‘fun'
3. Collecter et recycler toutes les bouteilles plastiques et canettes vendus lors de ces évènements.

Coca-Cola Entreprise, le leader français des boissons rafraîchissantes sans alcool

La Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale

BWR: Jean Le Cam on the Starting Line for the Barcelona World Race

* Jean Le Cam is back. With backing from the Président (Lactalis Group) brand, the Breton skipper will compete for his first time in the Barcelona World Race, the round the world race for crews of two, which starts from the Catalan city on 31st December 2010.

* His co-skipper will be Spain's Bruno García. They’ll be aiming for the podium on Mike Golding's Owen Clarke designed IMOCA Open 60 (former Ecover 3)

Président yacht, © JB Epron

by Isabel Genís

He is back! Jean Le Cam is returning to IMOCA ocean racing competition. Following the frightening loss of VM Matériaux off Cape Horn in the last Vendée Globe and his participation as crew on Vincent Riou's PRB in the recent “Vuelta a España”, the round Spain race, the renowned French skipper will take on his fourth racing circumnavigation of the globe (1). Le Cam has chosen to compete in the Barcelona World Race, which will set off from the Spanish city on 31st of December 2010 and will sail with Spanish co-skipper Bruno García flying the Président colours, the famous French brand which is part of the Lactalis dairy foods group.

Jean Le Cam, © Benoit Stichelbaut

Jean Le Cam: “We've chartered Mike Golding's IMOCA Open 60 and last week we sailed her from Southampton to Port-la-Forêt, where we are currently checking the keel, the mast and the hull before setting off on the qualifier, which is likely to be an outward and return journey to the Azores”. Le Cam and García must in fact cover 2,800 miles to qualify to start the race. “When we return the boat will go straight into the shipyard and we predict that we'll have her back on the water in early November with the new colours and a new set of sails from North Sails. We'll have roughly two months to prepare for the start”. Meanwhile, Jean Le Cam will head for Saint-Malo for start of the the Route du Rhum to wave off some of his fellow sailors, many of whom will soon be his rivals in the Barcelona World Race, such as Kito de Pavant, Michel Desjoyeaux and Jean-Pierre Dick.

Objective: the podium, at the very least!

What’s the aim of the Franco-Spanish duo? “We're going for the podium, but we'll see”, said Jean Le Cam frankly. The Frenchman is not hiding his intentions: “The Barcelona World Race is very interesting, mostly because it is an IMOCA race. We're racing in real time, with a non stop course similar to a Vendée Globe.There will also be great sailors at the start; the Spanish Armada will be there, and then there are the new VPLP-Verdier designs, Foncia, Virbac-Paprec 3, etc...”

Bruno Garcia, © Benoit Stichelbaut

He may be the less well-known of the pair, but co-skipper Bruno García is an exceptional sailor. He has recently sailed on the IMOCA Open 60 Estrella Damm, but has also raced in the Figaro class, before his successful career as a cardiologist at the Hospital of Barcelona.“I've known him since the Figaro, where we raced against one another. He knows a lot and we understand each other very well”, said Le Cam. Garcia chuckles : “Yes, we raced a Transat AG2R... and Jean won! I've also sailed three Solitaire du Figaro and of those Jean won two... so I've got a pretty clear idea of who Monsieur Le Cam' is and what he is capable of! Sailing around the world for me is has always been a dream, but the fact that I'm doing so alongside Jean Le Cam is better than I ever could have imagined!”. An opinion on the boat?: “I only have Estrella Damm to weigh her up against, but she seems like a very competitive boat One of my favourite ways of judging a boat is Jean's face, and I can assure you that he smiled a lot during the delivery. When that happens, it means everything is going smoothly!”.

Support from Président

Taking part in the Barcelona World Race is an opportunity for Président that no one wanted to let slip. The race embodies the fundamental values that Président identifies with.

The Président brand can be found in over 160 countries, and the brand direction confirms that it was hard to find a better event than a round the world regatta for our brand: “We are confident that our crew, Jean Le Cam and Bruno García will make Président's participation in the Barcelona World Race an unforgettable experience for all”.

Lactalis Groupe in a few lines:

In just over 75 years, the Lactalis Groupe has managed to position itself as one of the key players in the agro-food sector. With 40,000 employees around the world, brands such as PRÉSIDENT, GALBANI and SOCIÉTÉ have become recognisable and appreciated across the globe.

Yearly sales reach some 10 thousand million Euros. From that figure, the company's growth in Spain will allow them to surpass 1 thousand million Euros annually by joining the sales of their global brands with other Spanish brands such as FLOR DE ESGUEVA, EL VENTERO, GRAN CAPITÁN cheeses, and PULEVA, LACTEL and CHUFI in milk and beverages.

Andor Serra, Director General of the FNOB: “It's great news that a sponsor such as Président is getting onboard the Barcelona World Race with Le Cam and García, who've demonstrated that they get on well and will form a powerful team”.

(1) Jean Le Cam has competed in one Whitbread Round the World Race and two solo round the world race Vendée Globe races. He finished second in the Vendée Globe 2004/05.

Barcelona World Race

Jimmy Spithill Awarded Australian Male Sailor of the Year

Glenn Ashby, coach to BMW ORACLE Racing on multihulls, is given the President's prize

Glenn Ashby (left) and Jimmy Spithill (right) on winning the America's Cup on board USA-17 in Valencia, February 2010. Image copyright Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW ORACLE Racing.

In his acceptance speech, Spithill credited his family, the BMW ORACLE Racing team, and especially the drive and determination of their multihull coach Glenn Ashby in getting them to the level needed to win the 33rd America's Cup, saying that he "could not have done it without" these people.

Spithill on video with his acceptance speech from Lanzarote, where he has just become RC44 World Match Racing Champion:

Read more on the BMW ORACLE Racing blog

Yachting Australia

WOW Cap Istanbul: The Grand Bazaar

The final leg of WOW Cap Istanbul turned the general ranking upside down. For some, this leg was a surprise, for others a visit to the holy Hagia Sophia. Who knows, may be the spiritual atmosphere of Hagia Sophia could be a remedy for their disappointment

La dernière étape de la WOW Cap Istanbul a provoqué des chamboulements majeurs au sein du classement général. Pour certains, ce fut la course de la divine surprise, pour d'autres, une visite à Sainte-Sophie, la divine sagesse, sera peut-être nécessaire pour encaisser une déception forcément légitime

Image copyright Jacques Vapillon/

by Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon

Only 110 miles out of a 1600 was enough to upset the balance on this decisive final race of the French Open Sea Solo Championship. The race was just over 24 hours but effective enough to bring to the surface the talents of some and bring down the hopes of others.

Joy and sorrow were side by side for a range of sailors, from the winner of the last day François Gabart to Gildas Morvan, who had to leave his hopes of victory behind.

The losers front

Naturally the biggest defeat of the final leg belonged to the helmer of the Cercle Vert boat, Gildas Morvan. Upon leaving Gelibolu he was the leader of the race and the closest contender to the French Championship. But all his hopes melted away in the calmness of the Marmara Sea. As the championship title slipped by him, he had to be content with the fourth place.

Jeanne Grégoire (Banque Populaire) was another racer who was disappointed after trying so hard to keep her fourth position following Fabien Delahaye in the general ranking. By the end of the final leg she was 1 hour and 30 minutes behind Fabien. While Fabien moved up two ranks, she went down one to fifth place.

The full side of the glass

...And, Isabelle Joschke (Synergie)... Last leg was a gift for her after achieving much less than she expected all season.

Similarly Francisco Lobato (Roff Tempo Team) succeeded in racing mostly in the front lines of the fleet and challenging the favourites of the race. Unfortunately his exceptional efforts didn't result in victory on any of the legs. Especially at the last leg his dreams for the general ranking were also crushed. But it didn't matter. No one has any doubts that the Portuguese young talent will achieve his goals in the upcoming seasons, with the help of all the experience he has gained at WOW Cap Istanbul.

In French:

Cent dix milles sur un total de mille six cents ont suffi pour bouleverser la donne de cette dernière manche du Championnat de France de Course au Large en Solitaire. Soit un peu plus de vingt-quatre heures de course pour exalter le talent de certains et mettre à bas les espoirs des autres. De François Gabart (Skipper Macif 2010), grand bénéficiaire de cette dernière journée à Gildas Morvan (Cercle Vert) qui a laissé ses espoirs de victoire à quai, revue de détail des grands bonheurs et petits malheurs de la flottille.

Du côté des perdants

Bien évidemment, on pense immédiatement à Gildas Morvan, le skipper de Cercle Vert qui perd gros sur cette dernière étape. Leader de la course au départ de Gallipoli, Gildas pouvait espérer remporter l'épreuve et ajouter à son palmarès un quatrième titre de Champion de France de Course au Large en Solitaire. Ses espoirs se sont évanouis dans les calmes de l'île de Marmara. Au final une place de quatrième et le titre de Champion de France qui s'envole. « Et pourtant, j'avais tellement envie de l'accrocher à mon palmarès, celle-là... »

Autre désillusion, celle de Jeanne Grégoire (Banque Populaire) qui espérait bien conserver sa place de quatrième au Championnat de France devant Fabien Delahaye (Port de Caen Ouistreham). La dernière étape l'a reléguée à une heure et trente minutes de Fabien qui, du même coup, intercale deux concurrents au classement général de l'épreuve. Pour garder sa quatrième place, Jeanne devait, au pire, finir la course juste derrière Fabien. Mais intégrer le top 5 n'est pas la pire des punitions.

Entre chèvre et chou

C'est l'éternelle histoire de la bouteille à moitié vide ou à moitié pleine, c'est selon. Pour Isabelle Joschke (Synergie) cette dernière étape est un joli lot de consolation pour clôturer une saison qu'Isabelle elle-même n'a pas jugé à la hauteur de ses espérances. De même, Francisco Lobato (Roff Tempo Team) pourra se satisfaire d'avoir été constamment aux avant-postes et d'avoir souvent tenu la dragée haute aux gros bras de la course. Mais Francisco n'a pas pu confirmer le talent démontré sur l'eau par une victoire d'étape. De plus la dernière manche ruine ses ambitions au classement général. Qu'importe, on retrouvera le Portugais la saison prochaine et nul ne doute qu'avec un peu plus d'expérience, il pourrait accrocher rapidement à son palmarès une épreuve majeure du circuit Figaro Bénéteau.

Petits et grands bonheurs

Nicolas Lunven (Generali) peut se satisfaire de ses ambitions retrouvées avec une cinquième place au classement de l'épreuve à la clé, ainsi qu'une victoire d'étape à Athènes. Sa présence constante aux avant-postes de même que sa lucidité, associées à une vitesse retrouvée, ont permis à Nicolas de tenir le rang qu'il mérite.

Autre bienheureux, sans doute, François Gabart (Skipper Macif 2010). Il a fait d'une pierre trois coups en remportant la dernière course, l'épreuve et le Championnat de France de Course au Large en Solitaire. Nul besoin d'être grand clerc pour deviner que le garçon est sur son petit nuage depuis mercredi soir.

S'il en est un autre qui savoure son bonheur en toute discrétion, c'est bien Erwan Tabarly (Nacarat). Sa dernière étape lui permet de remonter de trois places au classement général de l'épreuve et l'installe à la deuxième place de la WOW Cap Istanbul. Dauphin de François Gabart à Istanbul, Erwan n'en demandait pas tant et avait forcément une pensée pour un Gildas Morvan dont tout un chacun reconnaissait que le résultat n'était pas à la hauteur de ce qu'il avait démontré sur l'eau. Erwan ne pouvait s'empêcher de se souvenir qu'un an plus tôt, à l'arrivée à Marie-Galante, la victoire lui avait échappé de quelques secondes, à la suite d'une course transatlantique d'anthologie, au profit d'un certain Gildas Morvan. La roue tourne, mais la course au large est parfois un jeu cruel.

WOW Cap Istanbul

Friday 15 October 2010

Velux5Oceans: Polish Sailor Ready for the Solo Around the World Challenge

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Grit, determination, and experience could make Gutek and Polish Team Operon Racing the surprise package of the 2010-11 Velux5Oceans. Gutek, actual name Zbigniew Gutkowski, aims to be the first Polish sailor ever to race solo around the world

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

by Juerg Kaufmann and Anne Hinton

Zbigniew Gutkowski is one of Poland's best known and most experienced sailors with a wealth of offshore and inshore racing. The 36-year-old first honed his talents as a member of the Polish national sailing team, representing his nation in the 470 dinghy class from 1987 to 1995. He also spent several years campaigning state of the art 49er dinghies and was one of the most successful crews in Poland.

Gutek on board Team Operon Racing. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

In 2000 Zbigniew, known as 'Gutek', turned his hand to offshore sailing and that year he was Watch Captain onboard WARTA-POLPHARMA in The Race, the non-stop race around the world for multihulls. In 2005 he skippered the ORMA 60 Bonduelle in the Nokia Oops Cup. He also attempted to break the monohull record for a non-stop circumnavigation onboard the Volvo 60 Bank BPH (formerly ASSA ABLOY), but damage forced the crew to Cape Town after 9,500 miles.

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Gutek hopes to be the first Polish sailor ever to race solo around the world. He has clocked up more than 100,000 nautical miles at sea and will be adding another 30,000 to his tally when he competes in the Eco 60 class in the 2010/11 VELUX 5 OCEANS.

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/Go4Image

Image gallery/Go4Image
Polish Team Operon Racing

HSBC Premier Coastal Classic: Micro Racers Can Pack Punch Against Big Rivals

Karma Police, the Shaw 9 owned by the designer, Rob Shaw. Image copyright Zoe Hawkins/WildeMedia.

by Zoe Hawkins

In 2009, three small boats astounded the sailing world when they finished the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic in astonishing times.

Overload - a hard chined 9.1m Elliott design owned by Scott Randall – finished in 10 hours and 53 minutes, wiping more than an hour of the under 9.14m (thirty foot) record, also beating the best time ever set for forty footers, and the Shaw 9ms, Karma Police and Deep Throttle, were just ten minutes behind.

The emerging fleet of ‘micros’ are circa-thirty footers that give exceptional performance in downwind and reaching conditions, thanks to clever utilization of the absolute latest design and construction developments, including canting keels, and composite materials.

Three of these boats are from the drawing board of Auckland designer, Rob Shaw.

Deep Throttle, and Rob Shaw’s own boat, Karma Police, share identical hull, rig and sails. Deep Throttle has a single centre canard, and Karma Police twin asymmetric dagger boards, providing a theoretical advantage to Karma Police in upwind conditions.

Both can get up to boatspeeds in the mid twenty knot range, and can equal or better boats ten to twenty feet bigger than them.

Rob Shaw’s crew are all experienced sportsboat sailors, which places them in excellent stead for racing a light keeler that responds well to apparent wind style sailing, and Deep Throttle’s Justin Ferris is a Volvo Ocean Race trimmer and driver, and races with a highly esteemed crew including former World Champion dinghy sailor, Blair Tuke.

This year they are joined by a brand new rival who is bigger, but may well not turn out to be better.

Overload racing in the Bay of Islands earlier this year. Image copyright Cathy Vercoe/Luvmyboat.

Volvo Ocean Race winner and former Rolex World Sailor of the Year Mike Sanderson has teamed up to launch another Rob Shaw design, the flush decked 10m Orbit. The handicapper has rated the boat as being slower than its little sisters – and with its planned launch date just six days before the race start, the boat will be an unknown quantity right to the very end.

All four boats will compete in Division 1, against mighty entrants including the Evolution Sails Limit, which is nearly twice their size, and the fifty footers Wired and Ran Tan II.

A yet smaller boat, designed with the same goal in mind, but competing in Division 2, is a 6.5m carbon fibre canting keeler, based on a Gary Lambert 12ft dinghy which its builder, Mark Beauchamp, blew up on a large photocopier.

While the original version had wide wings and wires that he didn’t enjoy, he decided it could be improved by cutting the boat in half along the guts with a chainsaw, and extending the waterline length to 28 foot.

“The result is a narrow water line with slightly flared sides a bit like a canoe under the water,” explains Mark Beauchamp.

The lifting canting keel makes the boat trailerable, and is easily adjusted by an electric winch controlled with two buttons at foot level.

“Tongue Twister was built with the idea of going fast for cheap and also I enjoy being the small boat in the fleet trying to beat the bigger more expensive machines,” says Beauchamp, who has a very experienced Northland crew aboard with him for this year’s Coastal Classic.

Tongue Twister’s shakedown race saw her get up to a maximum speed of 16.7 knots before turning around to battle into a 20 knot headwind.

“Our current handicap puts us in Division 2 with the big boys which will be a challenge to say the least but again I will enjoy being the little guy, though should the wind be forecast 20 knots on the nose she will go straight back on the trailer!” says Mark.

Rob Shaw is confident his boat can perform again in downwind conditions: “If we get conditions again similar to last year we can hang in there against the fastest 50's as long as we don't have to much of an upwind from the Brett into Russell. So anything from the south west round to the south east is good for us and with a good breeze it's likely the record times from last year will be repeated or improved on.”

“The new 10 metre Orbit will be a bit of an unknown quantity going into the race with none of us having had a chance to line up against them prior to the start.”

Justin Ferris says, “this will all depend on the conditions, same as last year and we are in for a good ride, anything from the north and we quickly become small boat with a high Rating so the chances of a good result is not so likely. Where these boats are extremely fast is with the wind aft of 100 TWA, this seems to be the point at which they break free and really fly.”

Joining HSBC Premier, which is also sponsor of Division 1, are eight divisional sponsors, each contributing prizes to its line honours winners and handicap placegetters: Musto (Division 2), Safety at Sea (Division 3), Mt Gay Rum (Division 4), Steinlager (Division 5), Duke of Marlborough Hotel (Division 6), RAILBLAZA Ltd (Division 7), Jucy Rentals (Division 8), (IRC), and SailNZ (Classic Division).

Snitch GPS will provide real-time GPS tracking of ten members of the race fleet, and Sunday Star Times and Trade-A-Boat Magazine are official media partners to the race. will issue an official, detailed race forecast on the eve of the race.

The supermaxi Alfa Romeo broke a thirteen-year record drought when it set a new overall record last year, completing the race in 6 hours and 43 minutes, but Split Enz remains the fastest multihull to ever finish the race with a record set in 1996 of 7 hours and 20 minutes.

The HSBC Premier Coastal Classic starts from 10am on Friday 22 October off Devonport Wharf in Auckland, and finishes off Russell Wharf in the Bay of Islands.

HSBC Premier Coastal Classic

Barcolana: Esmit Europa 2 Wins A Great Sailing Festival in Trieste

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

* 1852 boats at the start for the 42nd Barcolana, moderate Bora and new record time for Esimit Europa 2
* The winning combination 10-10-10 (10th October 2010) at 10 comes true on the race course

Before the start. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

by Valentina Petto

A wonderful Barcolana. Sparkling sunshine, gentle Bora, 1852 boats, great champions, forecast winners, unexpected events and the traditional spirit. Unique and exciting, in terms of quantity, quality and sailing skills. And this does not only hold true for the most awaited protagonists: Marks were rounded by 100 boats very close to one another, a situation in which skill and sailing experience are fundamental. The Barcolana sailors did an excellent job.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

From a technical standpoint, it was a Barcolana in three chapters.

1) The race of the expected winner, Esimit Europa 2, who sailed at her best, avoided all risks and aimed at beating the record on the new race course. The Dream team of Flavio Favini, with excellent choice of Alberto Bolzan at the helm, did not make a single mistake. From a perfect start half way on the start line, to the choice of sails avoiding the use of spinnaker which would have taken the boat off the course at the first mark (a mistake many made, betrayed by the feeling of going faster). The speed of the boat did all the rest: Reichel-Pugh design boat literally flew on the water at a speed which could hardly be kept by a good rubbery dinghy. Also the last leg between Miramare land the finish line was favourable: Esimit Europa 2 did it in a flash without tacking, while many boats behind had to tack several times. A great party and hugs on board and huge satisfaction for Igor Simcic, a brave boat owner able to make excellent choices, conquers a line honour at the Barcolana after many category wins. The record time of 56’ and 13” was set on the new course, designed two years ago, longer than the previous one and with a different position of the marks to ensure greater safety at the start and at the first mark. It will be registered in the books of the Autumn Cup. Mission accomplished.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

2) The outsiders' regatta. There were those who followed Esimit Europa 2 hoping in a mistake, those who hoped in miracle tactics to come in first, those who were happy with an unexpected result: the fleet of pursuers was even larger than in the past. And in the end the best was Mitja Kosmina, the winner of Barcolana 2009, able with Maxi Jena Amori to keep the pace of Esimit as far as the last mark. The second place was clinched as a true sailing champion. A problem at the Hydraulic system of the canting keel made manoeuvring of Maxi Jena Amori impossible, and had a really tough time in the last leg before crossing the finish line. Behind him strong Andrea Nevierov at the helm of Beauxt Vte Tuttatrieste 1 was really close. Kosmina was able to come in second for just a few centimetres after an hour and a half or racing.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

Incredible and deserved. Third came Beauxt Vte Tuttatrieste 1 thanks to a crew who took advantage of every tiny wind shift. Fourth finished surprising Shining Umag with Zeljko Perovic, fifth Idea Amori with Alberto Leghissa and sixth Tuttatrieste 2 with Furio Benussi. Among positive surprises are also a seventh place clinched by Vitrani, a TP52 perfect for today's conditions and led by the excellent team of Gabriele Benussi (first in Category 0 ahead of great Orlanda of Filippo Sammarini), even if Vasco Vascotto was not on board, and ninth place of Montenegro Wild & Beauty with Riccardo Bonetti, first of the small fleet of Farr 80s.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

3) The regatta of the best of class. A note of merit for Alligator 2, the RC 44 of Marko Popovic who won in Class 1 ahead of Casali No Border’s Team, the Fast Wave 40R of Mirko Sardoc. Good race for the Olympic Stars of Larissa Nevierov helmed by Greek Sofia Bekatorou, eighth of class. In category 2 first came Roberto Bertocchi who did a good job on his Sayonara Orion (Millenium 40R), 28th overall.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

GASTONE NOVELLI, PRESIDENT OF SVBG “The winning combination which has been the motto of this Barcolana, with the event that took place on 10-10-10 and which came true on the race course, with a number of entrants greater than in the past, a beautiful Village on land, tailored to the passions and interests of seafarers and weather conditions that enabled everybody to race safely and have fun.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

"Congratulations to all participants, from the first to the last and to the many boats that at 5.30 pm did not cross the finish line, but nevertheless enjoyed the party and the great spirit of the Barcolana. I would like to thank all institutions, sponsors and police forces as well as all the members of the sailing club who worked with passion and love for the regatta that made Trieste become great in this weekend”.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

IGOR SIMCIC, BOATOWNER OF ESIMIT EUROPA 2 “We have just ended a season full of successes and records. This Barcolana has been fantastic from all points of view, and the greatest satisfaction is that of having set a new record on the new race course. This means that the crew has worked perfectly in preparing the boat and upgrading the hull. This project will continue to give us great satisfaction”.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

ALBERTO BOLZAN, HELMSMAN OF ESIMIT EUROPA 2 “We have been able to use all tricks to make this boat go at its best. Until the last leg we did not think we would set a new record but, as soon as we rounded the last mark and thanks to the constant speed of 15 kts, we have started to believe in it and we made it. We have a boat that won everything in all seas and the fact that we are doing better proves that the project is good and the crew is excellent”.

Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

MITIJA KOSMINA, HELMSMAN OF MAXI JENA AMORI “We are satisfied with our second place, also because after the last mark our canting keel broke and we were running the risk of capsizing. Luckily although we slowed down, we were able to avoid more serious damage and end the race safely maintaining our second position. At the start, both Esimit and us chose the same point and this means that the tactics was right. Considering what happened this second place has a very important value for us”.

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

FEDERICO MOCCIA, PATRON OF MAXI JENA AMORI “I lived extraordinary moments on the boat this morning, together with Kosmina's crew who was able to clinch a great result despite a problem with the keel. The Barcolana is magical and perhaps the atmosphere of this event, a great sailing festival, could be the subject of one of my books”.

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

FRANCESCO DE ANGELIS, TACTICIAN OF VERVE DAHLIA “Congratulations to the winners, they did a great race with no mistakes. The Barcolana is a unique festival and an incomparable sailing experience. The possibility of bringing here the America's Cup, as vice Minister Castelli declares, is certainly possible. But there is a big gap between desires and reality”.

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

FURIO BENUSSI, HELMSMAN OF TUTTATRIESTE 2 BAUXT VTE “We have done a great team work. Congratulations to Andrea Nevierov who came in third, first of the Maxi category on our twin boat, but also to my crew who did their best to clinch fifth place. We are very happy about our result and about Roberto Snaidero's enthusiasm who participated in the Barcolana for the first time, launching a project which is very involving for us all”.

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright emme&emme/Barcolana 2010.

Note from SailRaceWin: The Barcolana Race Village in Trieste received 300,000 visitors over four days this year. The Barcolana race itself was held on the Saturday, at 10.00 on 10.10.10.