Monday, 4 August 2008

iShares Cup: Back in business for Day 2 off Cowes

Day One racing at the UK leg of the iShares Cup. Image copyright Ian Roman/TeamOrigin.

by iShares CUP/OC Event media

It was a long night for many of the crews and shore teams of the iShares Cup entries after yesterday's crash and burn racing left several boats needing repairs, but 10 Extreme 40s will be back on the racecourse this afternoon.

Holmatro finished second on Day 1 of the iShares Cup off Cowes. Image copyright Tom Gruitt.

After yesterday's collision left Franck Cammas' BMW Oracle Racing boat with a smashed bowsprit and front beam, Cammas will be racing a spare Extreme 40 co-owned by organisers OC Events and Tornado Sports (which carries Ellen MacArthur Trust on its hulls, but will be flying BMW Oracle Racing branded sails). BT's shore crew worked hard overnight to get their boat back to fighting form, and Nick Moloney and team will also be back on the water.

TeamOrigin racing on Day 1 of the iShares Cup off Cowes. Image copyright Ian Roman/TeamOrigin.

TeamOrigin quickly recovered after their capsize yesterday, while BMW Oracle Racing Spithill have fitted a new mast to their boat after they capsized off Lepe Beach yesterday. Only Team Aqua won't be rejoining the fleet after they capsized between races two and three, also snapping their mast.

Sunday's forecast is for a south-westerly breeze of 9-12 knots building to 15-18 knots this afternoon, creating similar conditions to yesterday with strong currents and the wind against tide likely to kick up some more Solent waves.

Video of Day 1 iShares Cup, Cowes 2008
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