Saturday, 27 September 2008

Day of Reflection for BlackMatch in Portugal

by David Swete

Thursday saw us involved in none of the racing here in Portugal with the remaining teams getting their round robins underway. It was a day for us to watch the action on the water, reflect on yesterday and prepare for our upcoming races tomorrow.

We are straight into it Friday with our opening match against match racing guru Magnus Holmberg from Sweden and this will be an especially important race due to Magnus also having early poor form.

When Thursday's racing got underway, conditions again were near perfect and it was the three French teams who showed the best form along with young Australian Torvar Mirsky. World #1 Mathieu Richard has shown his class to be one point clear of the trailing Australian team while Sebastian Col and Damien Iehl round out the top 4.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and are confident we can make the step up to be a threat in this regatta. We would like to again thank our sponsors FedEx Express and Line 7, we would also like to extend a big thank you to our yacht club the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

BlackMatch Racing

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