Monday, 13 October 2008

Ericsson Racing Team Lead Volvo Fleet into Atlantic Ocean

Ericsson Racing Team passing through the Straits of Gibraltar. Image copyright Tim Stonton.

by Victoria Low

At approximately 1600h CET Ericsson Racing Team 's two boats passed through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Atlantic Ocean leading the fleet of VO70 race yachts out of the Mediterranean.

After fast sailing and with the two boats swapping leads during the first 24 hours of the race Ericsson 3 is, according to Volvo Ocean Race position data, less than a mile ahead of Ericsson 4 after they have left the Straits of Gibraltar behind them.

Ericsson Racing Team leading the Volvo Ocean Race out into the Atlantic Ocean. Image copyright Tim Stonton.

Ericsson 4 bowman Phil Jameson said: "It became apparent early on, that this race is going to be one hell of a fight all the way to St Petersburg. Everyone seems to be on the pace and the slightest mishap, could cost you bad.

"The entire night involved all hands on deck. No one has had any sleep yet and we expect that for another 24 hours at least. The last 15 hours has been just like back in Lanzarote. The two boats neck and neck!! All the boys are pretty tired, but we're giving it our all out here."

Ericsson Racing Team

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