Sunday, 1 March 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 4 LEG FIVE DAY 15 QFB: received 0656 GMT

Ericsson 4 Helmsan/Trimmer Tony Mutter applies sun cream, on leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race, from Qingdao to Rio de Janeiro. Image copyright Guy Salter/Ericsson 4/Volvo Ocean Race.

by Tony Mutter (trimmer)

Well, it has been two weeks since the start in China and here we are in Fiji!!!

We are passing beautiful little atoll after atoll on the eastern side of the Fiji islands. Each one has an idyllic little sandy beach all the way around. Looks like a great place to come to have a holiday. We haven't seen one cruising boat yet, which seems strange, maybe it is out of season.

Highlights of life on board today consist of firstly seeing Fiji. Seeing Ericsson 3 (first boat for nine days) Joca (Signorini) AKA ‘THE DOCTOR’ servicing the winches although, by the sound of one going right now, he is back in business! Running out of train smash other wise known as tomato sauce or Ketchup if you prefer. Finding out we might be short of toilet paper. Oh, and losing the lead to Puma and Telefónica Blue while we re-position further east.

This last thing is just temporary.....Fingers crossed. I also rang home to NZ and caught up with what's going on with my wife and kids this week.

Now it is time for three hours sleep, good night.

Volvo Ocean Race

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