Tuesday, 21 April 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 3 LEG SIX DAY 10 QFB: received 20.04.09 0004 GMT

by Eivind Melleby (helmsman)

Happy birthday

It’s my birthday today and I am in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A different way to celebrate, but still it is nice here now so I am happy.

I am turning 29 – again. Usually one would like to celebrate with a nice dinner with the family or a party with friends at home, but here I am and it is not bad at all. I got an email from my wife today saying how much she loves me and that they will still have the party in my honour. You might think I have a tough job, but I think she does a fantastic job there at home. She’s the best - I love her. I even got a present with candy and an FHM magazine followed by a card signed by my 20 month old daughter. I opened it today and treated the boys with Laban Jelly Men.

Spending time out here right now is great. Our skipper, the legendary Mange (Magnus Olsson) with a broken rib, got a smile on his face when he got a handful of jelly men. He is getting better and has started his quiz sports again. Nice to see he’s recovering and will be back in business soon.

The sailing right now is really fun. The team is doing a great job. Everybody is enjoying themselves and pushing all the time. Ericsson 3 is a happy ship and goes fast as well. I could not ask for more – except being with my family, but then again these boys are close enough to be family now after what we have been through together. We have a party on every watch.

Volvo Ocean Race

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