Thursday, 7 May 2009

VOR: Green Dragon Countdown to the In-Port

Lucy Harwood asks the team some questions:

What’s been going on since you arrived?
All the race crew have had a few days off, we are all back this morning for a bit of a shake down sail, and then training tomorrow and Friday before the big day on Saturday where we need to re-deem ourselves after Rio and get back on the score board again. The Green Dragon team is feeling punchy as normal so we are going to go out and give it heaps on Saturday.

Boston does have a strong Irish flavour to it, did you manage to see any of the sports going on such as the Basketball?
I saw it, I wasn’t actually at the game some of the team went though, it looked like a lot of fun and we are all now Celtics fans. Obviously there is a huge Irish link in Boston, it seems that every second building has some kind of Irish flag hung outside it has been nice to meet some of the locals and everyone is being very supportive of the Green dragon team here.

Any particular additional work you guys have had to do on the boat?
It is all pretty standard work, in general it is all service work and stripping everything down. I guess we are at a stage where we have done two long legs and we have completely stripped everything down and re-built it to make sure that everything is in good ship with the transatlantic coming up in two weeks time. It can often be one of the toughest parts of the race with some of the more extreme conditions so everything has got to be perfect for that and with that in light we are being meticulous about being able to finish the leg in good shape. I think once you have done that hopefully we are in with a chance of getting a good result.

What are you guys expecting from the conditions here, how well do you know this area of Boston?
Well it’s a bit like Ireland at the moment; it can be anything on any day. There are a lot of weather systems coming through, and they tend to come through very fast this time of the year across the states. Because the systems are coming off land they can also be very similar to home with a lot of rain clouds and everything else coming in. You can anything out there from a nice sea breeze day to a cold front coming over with lots of breeze, Saturday is coming up close so we will be having a close look at what the weather situation is.

What would be a good result for you guys?
First place, we want that more than anything

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