Monday, 29 June 2009

VOR: Ericsson Racing Team Seals Race Win in Russia

by Victoria Low

Ericsson Racing Team's two yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race arrived here early this morning to complete their participation in the 2008-'09 Volvo Ocean Race.

The yachts' positions were already determined after the layover in Stockholm. Skipper Torben Grael and the International crew aboard Ericsson 4 won overall with the final score of 114.5 points. Magnus Olsson's Nordic crew on Ericsson 3 placed fourth with 78.5 points. The crews placed fifth and fourth, respectively, on the final leg.

"Unbelieveable. It is over, it has been a long journey, but it feels good. A nice feeling of mission accomplished. It has been a long race, almost 40% more than the last race but there have been plenty of high moments," said Grael, 48. "I think the high moments were the record period and all the leg wins, getting to the harbor with everybody celebrating and cheering. Going around Cape Horn is always a fantastic thing. Especially, we went around with lots of wind and marginal conditions. It's a feeling of achievement when you go around the Cape. And of course getting this win at the end is the best out of it. We're very happy with the way everything has happened."

For Olsson and the Nordic crew on Ericsson 3, there was also a feeling of great satisfaction at their achievement: "The highlight was that we managed to finish Leg 4, fix the boat and avoid sinking," said Olsson. "We had everything against us - time, the Chinese New Year, winter, logistics . everything. We finished Leg 4, got the points and then started Leg 5 a bit late, but still won. I am so proud that I was a part of that. I am very happy."

(Final results)
1. Ericsson 4, 114.5 points
2. Puma, 105.5
3. Telefónica Blue, 98
4. Ericsson 3, 78.5
5. Green Dragon, 67
6. Telefónica Black, 58
7. Delta Lloyd, 41.5

Ericsson Racing Team
Volvo Ocean Race

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