Monday, 10 August 2009

Vasco Vascotto and Nerone Win the Farr 40 Europeans with a Day to Spare

Nerone: new Farr 40 European Champion. Supplied image.

by Clara Mulas (abbreviated in translation)

Nerone, with Vasco Vascotto as tactician, won the Farr 40 European Championship 2009 title on 31st July, with a day to spare before the end of the regatta. Wolfgang Schaeffer's Struntje Light finished second and, level on points, Barking Mad and Mascalzone Latino shared the third step on the podium.

Nerone built on an impressive season that commenced with winning the Miami Acura Grand Prix. They won half of the ten races held off Cagliari for the European Championships.

"With this victory we feel that we have returned to the speed and shape of a couple of years ago, in a land that now we feel like our home", affirmed Mezzaroma, helmsman of Nerone. They had previously won the Championships in 2007.

The event organisers were also happy: "Even if reduced, the field consisted of the better half of the fleet", said Luciano Randaccio, person in charge of the Large Commission Events of the Industrial Association and president of the Club Sea Sandalion. "The feelings were positive, for hospitality and high professionalism was shown in every appearance of the organization. The class has us already asked the availability to accommodate a stage of the European circuit 2010: we will do it more than willingly".

Farr 40 Europeans, Cagliari, Sardinia

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