Sunday, 15 November 2009

U.S. Women's National Match Racing Championships - Tunnicliffe Undefeated after Day 2

by Anna Tunnicliffe

We had a great day again today here in St Thomas at the US Women's Match Race National Championships. We completed the second round robin which consisted of seven races. We won all of our races, to extend our record to 14-0. Right behind us in second overall is fellow USSTAG teammate Genny Tulloch with 11-3 and Annie Gardner-Nelson in third with 8-6.

We woke up to beautiful conditions, and racing started just after 9am. We had shorter courses in the morning, and whipped out 4 races before noon. After lunch, the race course was lengthened to make for three more longer races. The race committee intended to do more races than just the three, but due to a collision that caused damage in another match, a re-sail had to be done, so we went in for the day while they made up that race.

Awaiting us at the yacht club, the members had set up snacks and cold drinks to replenish us after a hot and humid day of sailing. After the umpire debrief, we came back to the house in which we are staying, and swam in the pool to cool down before heading out for dinner.

Racing resumes tomorrow at 9am. The race committee intends to continue with the third round robin before starting the semi-final matches. The regatta ends on Sunday concluding with the rest of the semi's and then the finals. I

Anna Tunnicliffe
US Women's National Match Racing Championships

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