Friday, 18 December 2009

Amendments to YNZ Safety Regulations December 2009

by Zoe Hawkins

In response to an international review of safety standards in boat design and construction conducted by ISAF, Yachting New Zealand has published a new appendix to the Safety Regulations of Sailing 2009-2012, Appendix 7. Appendix 7 will affect all racing boats built or modified after 1 January 2010. All yachts intending to compete in international events, or in the Fiji or New Caledonia races, will need to comply with Appendix 7 – however a boat of an older design that has proven safe over time, will be eligible to race if no substantial modifications have been made.

There are also a number of minor amendments to the existing Safety Regulation Book 2009-2012, most notably the reduction in inspection periods for boats racing under Category 2 and 3, from three years to two.

Yachting New Zealand website copy of the amendments

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