Saturday, 31 July 2010

Internationaux de France de Match Racing: Rusty Start for Waka Racing

Video of Day One in Pornichet from Waka Racing:

by Garth Ellingham

After nearly a month an a half off in the Waka Racing Calendar we’re back together today with the start of the Grade 1 Internationaux de France. The event is being held in four man J80 yachts in the town of Pornichet, France.

Unfortunately for the boys the rust showed having a pretty average start to the regatta, finishing the first day with a 2 wins/5 losses scoreline. Today we struggled with boat speed in the choppy 15 – 18 knot conditions and were unable to address the problem before the day was out. This was very frustrating as the team was in strong positions off the start line against Philipe Presti, Rueben Corbett, and Pierre-Antoine Morvan but simply couldn’t foot it for pace.

Luckily for us the regatta is far from over and by no means have we given up. An intense debrief followed the days racing and tomorrow we are confidient we can turn the situation around.

WAKA RACING: Phil Robertson, Garth Ellingham, James Williamson and Sam Bell

Waka Racing
Internationaux de France de Match Racing/Trophée Manu Minard