Saturday, 30 April 2011

Eurocat Carnac 2011

by YC Carnac media

First international test of the season in F18, the Eurocat is each year a general repetition for this class. For this 25th edition , nothing seems to break with the rule and the race will be exciting between all the star of the division. Darren Bundock, the record-man of the of the Eurocat's victories will be there with the C2 which this will be the second season. Second last year, the objective will be clearly to aim for the highest place of the podium.

Brothers' Bellet have been awarded two medals at the ISAF world catamaran competition for young will do their beginning in the F18's class, and in C2, with the objective to gain experience. In Hobie Cat, the seeded players of this shipwright who's story becomes confused with the one of the sporting catamaran, will be well represented with the mythical Mitch Booth, still faithful to this test and to his crew the Carnac Yacht Club, Moana Vaireaux and Romain Petit.

The Hobie Wild cat is now mature and is a reference as the Hobie Tiger at his time. After an excellent season 2010 and the French championship for François Morvan and Matthieu Vandamme, the Shockwaves of Loday-White would be able to get out while the going is good. Nacra should not be outdone with Dutch crews who had always been efficient. On the “team sail” side, world title holder, it seems that new F18 would make an appearance. Being the big ones, some of the members of this team as Olivier Barkès and Arnaud Jarlégan should be able to put everyone on the same wavelength in F18.

Finally, a large number of eyes will be looking at this last-born boat of Cirrus. This new boat, which breaks up the usual bombs has shown a strong potential, especially on the raids of the end of the season 2010, and , well lead, should cause a stir. Well lead, he should be if you believe the gossips about the that Mischa Heemskerk, Eurocat 2010 winner would be under the colours of Cirrus's authority.

Beyond all the headliners who do of the F18 one of the series of the dinghy sailing at the highest level, it is very important to remind that this class would not be what she is without all its enthusiasts and sail lovers who for the Eurocat's occasion to take their boat out again to contribute to give to this test a unique dimension. Of course, as organizers, we are delighted of seeing all this champions back each year in Carnac but all our efforts aim for too and above all to satisfy all this enthusiasts and sail lovers who have no other ambition than to enjoy a great moment afloat and ashore.

In 25 Eurocat editions, they always were there and without them, sporting multihull practise and especially of the F18 would not be what it is. At the time when the class is getting better and better, it is so important that through the event such as the Eurocat, it can reunify all those who made its history.

At the time when sporting catamaran's practise seems to know a new boost in France, it is in C1 and C3 categories that we should found again an other big part of those enthusiasts who will enjoy the school holidays to sail some days before the Eurocat in a convivial way. To pursue a movement who appeared quite a long time from now, the Vipers should be well represented in C1 category.

Coming from Australia, Brett Goodal, the son of the architect of this wonderful sporting catamaran will be there with the English couple Chris and Georgina Sproat often winners in Quiberon's bay.

Also the young mother Carolijn Brouwer will be there with Liz Wardley to defend their title at the 2010 Eurocat. They are, at this day, the only feminine crew of having win this test.

Affordable and very efficient, this boat is a great success in France and numbers of mixed crew should be in for it. The development of this boat should also motivate the “afficionados” of Matia and others Spitfire, which as the years go by, stay dynamic and want to show that they are credible alternative to the Viper.

Beyond these series strongly introduced and developed, the Eurocat in C1 category, it is still the occasion to see legend boats sailing such as the Tornado which gets a second wind in spite of its ousting of the Olympic Games. Finally, sailing sol, there is nothing unusual about seeing Class A at the Eurocat but also some Shadow leading by “Mister Catamaran”, Yves Loday or as well Hobie FX one.

This diversity of classes in C1 is a mark of the dynamism present in the practise of sporting catamaran. It reminds how the race is most importantly a game no matter which catamaran those sail lovers ride with. As a matter of fact, they will be numerous in the C3 category which holds all the myths of sporting catamaran which are the HC16 and the Dart 18. Those two series take their dynamism from another aspect that the dinghy sailing's development cannot ignore : the intergenerational dimension which has always been at the heart of the Eurocat.

Whether young and from sailing school or long time sailors especially in HC16 and even more in Dart 18, this generation melting pot is one of the strong values of the Eurocat. For this test, the Dart 18 “new kind of boat” should wear trendy customized decorations and “design” which put them forward on the sea. The typically young series (SL16, SL15,15 , tyka, Dragoon, Dart 16) should be heavily represented thanks to school holidays, before a selective race for the French championship and one week before the World young ISAF test's selection. A new generation exists and is ready to take over.

There is still time to join this unique event in the world of sporting catamaran. We are waiting for you !

YC Carnac