Monday, 2 May 2011

Loïck Peyron Enthuses about A Cats, after a Victorious Debut

I am discovering the A class, and it's magnificent!!! - Je découvre le class a, et c'est magnifique !!!

Loïck Peyron sailing his new DNA, with Fiberform mast and Ashby sails. Image copyright Loïck Peyron.

Anne Hinton exchanged a few words with Loïck Peyron over the weekend...

by Anne Hinton (including all translations from French)

After returning victorious from the Barcelona World Race (sailed with Jean-Pierre Dick), Loïck Peyron wasted no time to return to multihull sailing. Together with his big brother, Bruno, he took part in the Cata Cap Atlantique La Baule in Brittany the weekend after returning to terra firma, following more than three months circling the planet on an IMOCA 60 monohull.

The result? Loïck won his first A class event!

Second at this event was Jean Darnaude, with V1r boat, Bim mast and Brewin sails, while Hervé Ledue finished third on a Flyer Gel Tek, also with a Bim mast and Brewin sails.

And Loïck Peyron's second event was the Grade 2 at Maubuisson, where he finished second "Entre les deux champions de France !!!" ["Between the two champions of France!!!"], as he commented. Jean Louis Le Coq won the event, while Gilles Escarret was third.

Comments on the ACatSailing blog published by Jean Darnaude from this second event were that Loïck made breathtaking progress each time he went out, and that he is now very fast in all weather on all points of sailing.

Asked if he would be doing the A cat Worlds in Denmark, which end-on (13th-20th August) to the AC45 racing in Cascais (6th-14th August), Loïck commented that he didn't think he would be able to be there ["Je ne pense pas pouvoir être au mondial au Danemark"]. Hopeful signs, then, that this may mean participation by the Peyron brothers' French America's Cup "Energy Team" at the first America's Cup World Series event in AC45s in Portugal!

Loïck Peyron is, however, clearly committed to the A cats until the AC45 comes along. "Je serais au championnat de France a Port Camargue début juin" ["I shall be at the French championships at Port Camargue at the beginning of June"], said Loïck. Hopefully this will encourage a good turnout!

Loïck Peyron
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