Sunday, 15 May 2011

VOR: CAMPER's Qualifying Sail Day 3 - Hello 40 Knots!

Crew dressed up for rough weather off the East Coast on Day 3. Image copyright Hamish Hooper.

by Hamish Hooper

Hello East Coast, Hello 40 knots on the nose again; I can’t say I am happy to see you again.

Little white pill I am very happy to see you again.

This Tour of NZ & 2000-mile qualifier has become the uphill round NZ. Everyway we seem to go the wind is coming directly from where we want to go. Sitting on deck, there tends not to be a huge amount of conversation, just each of the guys busy with their own thoughts.

I was sitting next Stu Bannatyne after a couple of hours of silence, Stu turns to me and says, “Hamish” he pauses, “This is heinous.” I give him a nod of thanks. If someone as experienced as Stu thinks these conditions are best described by such a strong word as heinous, then they must be.

Hunkering down taking wave after wave of stinging white water over the deck for hours really is a test of mental strength.

It’s hard to say if I pass the test... I’ve been feeling very average for a while, but try to just keep myself busy with my own thoughts, happy thoughts like skiing. I can’t wait to go skiing.

Telling myself this is living – which it is, it’s just living pretty tough, and knowing that when you get through it – it makes it all worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to that moment.

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand
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