Monday, 15 December 2008

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLACK LEG TWO DAY 3 QFB: received 17.11.08 1907 GMT

by Mikel Pasabant

Hi all!

This is Mikel from Telefónica Black down in the roaring forties.

As you all may know, the whole fleet headed south-east as soon as we left Cape Town in order to avoid the high pressure next to the coast and get nice breeze as soon as we could before starting the long way north to Cochin, in India.

This leg is full of ‘Maris Incognita’ as most of the fleet have never sailed before in these waters. We have good winds ahead, and the roaring forties, but soon, heading north we get to the trade winds and to a tricky zone of winds, shifts and calms, before entering into the northern hemisphere.

So here we go in front of the fleet, with more wind than expected, and we know it does not benefit us at all, but for the time being we are handling it pretty well. The forecast says the wind will drop as night goes by, so we are looking forward our conditions.

Today it surpassed our expectations with more than 40 knots of wind and a top speed of 37!!

Exciting, isn't it?

Apart from that, life goes on as usual, sailing, sailing and sailing. We bail, eat and sleep so that we can sail!

Volvo Ocean Race

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