Thursday, 15 January 2009

Flying Fifteen Worlds 2009: Victory for the Aussies; Kiwis Fourth

FF Australian National Champions are the World Champions too. No Bull, the victors, chased by ****, who finished second overall. Image copyright Bernie Kaaks.

by David Seaman

Racing was cancelled on Day 5 due to strong winds.

Wednesday, 14th January, was a great last day for the Regatta, with two boats tied on equal points in first place, but it was Grant Alderson and Dean McAullay in 3833 who came up trumps.

After a poor start, they managed to get into fourth place to clinch the title.

They had to beat **** (Barry Parkin) to win, and they did it by one place.

This was a tremendous result for the West Australians, backing up their National Title from the previous week.

The best Kiwis were Aaron Goodmanson and Alister Rowlands in Ffortune, who finished fourth overall.

Well done to the locals, and congratulations to all who competed who made this a great event!

Flying Fifteen Worlds trophy. Image copyright S. Nowicka.

Final Overall Results (top ten):

1. 3833 No Bull Grant Alderson/Dean McAullay (AUS) 2-2-12-(12)-1-1-3 21pts
2. 3911 **** Barry Parkin/Tim Hall (GBR) (6)-1-5-3-4-5-4 22pts
3. 3821 TBA Steve Goacher/Phil Evans (GBR) 1-3-13-6-3-(16)-2 28pts
4. 3739 Ffortune Aaron Goodmanson/Alister Rowlands (NZL) 5-6-(11)-7-6-8-1 33pts
5. 3905 Secret Ingredient X David McKee/Chris Hewkin (GBR) 9-(18)-8-8-5-11-6 47pts
6. 3917 Art Gekko Mike Hart/Tichard Rigg (GBR) 3-36-(81)-1-2-2-5 49pts
7. 3781 16 David Tucker/Matt Summers (NZL) 15-5-1-5-11-(33)-13 50pts
8. 3840 Ffrenetic Murray Gilbert/Jonathan Burgen (NZL) 11-17-3-4-16-4-(18) 55pts
9. 3931 N/a Alan Bax/Bill Masterman (GBR) 8-4-(40)-2-9-23-10 56pts
10. 3923 Ff Charles Apthorp/Alan Green (GBR) 4-7-(81)-34-14-3-7 69pts

Flying Fifteen Worlds 2009

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