Sunday, 8 March 2009

VOR: GREEN DRAGON Leg Five Day 22 QFB: received 07.03.2009 0521 GMT

A despondent Ian Walker looks out from the cabin as Green Dragon continues upwind in the Southern Ocean. Image copyright Guo Chan/Green Dragon Racing.

by Ian Walker (skipper)

Right I'm in a bad mood today so here are some grumpy quotes for you:

- 'I'm not counting days anymore I'm counting weeks and this is the start of week 4'

- 'It is so long since we have used our spinnaker I'm a bit worried the boys will have forgotten how to set it'

- 'The incessant banging of crashing off waves is doing my head in. It wouldn't matter if we were getting any nearer Rio but we are hardly even managing that'

- 'The lads are complaining that if they had wanted to go round the World upwind they would have signed up for the BT Global Challenge. The Volvo Ocean Race is supposed to go downwind.'

OK moan over. Back to the banging.

Volvo Ocean Race

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