Friday, 13 November 2009

Telecom New Zealand Match Racing Championships - Tiller joins Sutherland in the lead spot!

William Tiller beats Reuben Corbett (in boat number 1991). Image copyright RNZYS.

by Barry Davies

William Tiller and his Lion Foundation Youth Training Programme crew have jumped up into first position equal with yesterday’s leader Graeme Sutherland after a fantastic champagne sailing day on the Waitemata Harbour.

Sutherland continued his winning streak adding another four wins to his total this morning, but then losses to Tiller and Chris Dickson kept his score to 11 wins overall and Tiller and his youth crew were able to catch up.

Tiller had a fantastic day in the light shifty conditions winning his seven races, including wins over all his main rivals; Sutherland, Laurie Jury, Reuben Corbett and Josh Junior.

“The conditions were tough and we had to change gear’s a lot, but we just kept focused and had a great day” commented Tiller.

The conditions on the water were shifty and with pressure fluctuations today was a ‘head’s out of boat day’ but the clear blue sky and sunshine kept the sailors happy and plenty of close racing for all the spectators along the Westhaven sea-wall.

Tiller vs Laurie Jury (1997) in the pre-start. Image copyright RNZYS.

Chris Dickson and his youth team had a much improved day on the water, adding five wins to their total score and putting them in the hunt for the crucial top four semi final berths.

To round out the top spots Reuben Corbett, Laurie Jury and Josh Junior still hold onto their third to fifth placings respectively.

Also jumping up the leader board is female skipper Stephanie Hazard who added three wins to her total score, keeping her in the top female position and seventh overall.

With another great forecast we are looking forward to some close racing tomorrow, first up is William Tiller versus Chris Dickson.

Racing begins at 10am tomorrow (Friday) morning, with Flight Five of Round Robin Two.

Sutherland (on the left) vs Hazard in the pre-start. Image copyright RNZYS.

Thursday's Results
Round Robin One continued

Flight Nine
Junior beat Jury by 5s
Sutherland beat Sakamoto by 20s
Tiller beat Corbett by 8s
Hazard beat Osborne by 58s
Dickson beat Smyth by 37s

Flight Ten
Corbett beat Junior by 1m50s
Dickson beat Kroening by 21s
Sutherland beat Hazard by 1m16s
Osborne beat Sakamoto by 58s
Tiller beat Jury by 1m13s

Flight Eleven
Sakamoto beat Hazard DNF within time limit
Kroening beat Smyth by 3m21s
Sutherland beat Osborne DNF
Tiller beat Junior by 3m31s
Corbett beat Jury by 19s

Round Robin Two
Flight One
Tiller beat Sutherland by 19s
Hazard beat Smyth by 30s
Sakamoto beat Kroening by 21s
Jury beat Dickson by 27s
Junior beat Osborne by 8s

Flight Two
Hazard beat Kroening by 32s
Tiller beat Osborne by 13s
Sutherland beat Junior by 21s
Dickson beat Corbett by 30s
Sakamoto beat Smyth by 24s

Flight Three
Dickson beat Osborne by 36s
Junior beat Sakamoto by 18s
Smyth beat Jury by 3s
Corbett beat Kroening by 18s
Tiller beat Hazard by 36s

Flight Four
Corbett beat Smyth by 30s
Tiller beat Sakamoto by 26s
Junior beat Hazard by 20s
Jury beat Kroening by 1s
Dickson beat Sutherland by 24s

Points Table
Sutherland 11 wins / 2 losses / 11.0 points
Tiller 11 / 3 / 11.0
Corbett 10 / 3 / 10.0
Junior 9 / 5 / 8.5 *
Jury 8 / 5 / 8.0
Dickson 8 / 6 / 8.0
Hazard 6 / 8 / 6.0
Kroening 5 / 9 / 5.0
Sakamoto 4 / 10 / 4.0
Osborne 2 / 11 / 2.0
Smyth 1 / 13 / 1.0
*0.5 points deducted for damage

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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