Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Not typically sunny for the Al Maktoum Sailing Trophy IRC classes

The sand engulfing EPI Mattafix. Image copyright Nico Martinez.

by Sharon Allison

Team Premier with Hannes Waimer at the helm, EPI Mattafix sailed by David Rostant and the young under 18 team on Go North, with Frederic Jacobs in charge took the top three places of the IRC Divisions in the Al Maktoum Sailing Trophy organized by Dubai International Marine Club over the weekend. Poor visibility and strong unstable winds shrouded the event, which was run in conjunction with the RC 44 Championships.

‘There were some incredibly challenging conditions that were out to test us all,’ said the Team Premier Hannes Waimer and winner of Division 1. Toby O’Connell who won the Trophy in 2008 on YO! had to miss two of the eight races to make repairs as the strong winds took their toll on his boat.

Excellent crew work and a well-adjusted boat was the synopsis from Division 2 winner David Rostant on EPI Mattafix, which kept them in front of Mike Jelfs on MACE who go second place. ‘We struggled in the stronger wind conditions as we’ve been racing mostly in lighter winds but it was a great experience. Especially the last race with the course around the island,’ said the skipper of MACE.

Team Premier facing the challenges. Image copyright Nico Martinez.

The under 18 team on Go North didn’t escape breakages and proved to be a very strong team taking first place in Division 3 and handling every situation in an excellent way. ‘The first race we did very well and the second we did very bad and in another we broached but we still did well in the end. The team spirit was very good,’ said Frederic Jacobs after an intense few days.


Position Boat Skipper Points

Division 1
1st Team Premier Hannes Waimer 7
2nd YO! Toby O’Connell 10
3rd Drilling Systems Francis Carr 14
4th Carrera Sun Glasses Kristian Tzanov 31

Division 2
1st EPI Mattafix David Rostant 6
2nd MACE Mike Jelfs 13
3rd The Office/Conoco Phillips Mike Lawton 19
4th Boracic Calum Mckie 19
5th Rush Knot Phil Hosking 26
6th Privateer Matt Britton 31
7th Twister Gwlyn Rowlands 38
8th Unwind Leroux 46

Division 3 Provisional only
1st Go North Frederic Jacobs 6
2nd Victoria Mikhail Rassudov 11
3rd DIMC2 Conrad Schwindt 15
4th Tosser Coldicott 23
5th Kernowek Dave Stuckey 28
6th DIMC 1 Jon Hemingway 29

Dubai International Marine Club

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