Monday, 14 June 2010

Sails of the White Nights: Black Swan Racing on the Round Robin

by Black Swan Racing media

Going into the final day of racing at The Sails of White Nights Grade 1 in St Petersburg we still have 3 flights left to complete the round robin. Our score card reads 4 wins and 4 losses, following 2 wins from 3 races yesterday morning.

"This has been a very difficult regatta, conditions have been terrible with either no wind or wind from the wrong direction. So far we have only completed 8 races in four days which is very frustrating. Today is the final day, we hope that conditions will allow us to complete our final 3 races of the round robin so we can improve our position as much as possible." Keith Swinton, Black Swan Racing.

Black Swan Racing would like to thank our supporters: South of Perth Yacht Club, Kerman Contracting, Westrac CAT, Abbotts PTY LTD Chartered Accountants, McNally Group PTY LTD, Musto Australia & Sweden.

Black Swan Racing
Sails of the White Nights