Thursday, 9 May 2013

Esimit Europa 2 : Esimit Europa 2 yacht opens a new chapter in its history

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright Esimit Europa/Vicent Bosch

by Esimit Europa media

The fastest and most successful European sailing yacht sails to the northern Europe for the first time after 3 amazing seasons in the Mediterranean – Esimit Europa 2 will attend races in Germany (Kieler Woche), Sweden (ÅF Offshore Race), United Kingdom (Cowes Week and Rolex Fastnet Race), Italy (Bernetti Lombardini Cup and Barcolana) and will attempt to set a new world sailing record from Trieste – Valletta for the Medot Sailing Trophy and compete in Malta (Rolex Middle Sea Race) – New design of the yacht and its sails reflects new challenges and its mission in fostering unity among Europeans.

On the Europe Day, during the first official training in the new season, Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project, and Jochen Schümann, skipper of the Esimit Europa 2 yacht, revealed ambitions for the upcoming sailing season. After achieving 19 victories at all the attended races so far and setting 5 new course records, one of the fastest yachts in world is eager to repeat its success – for the first time outside the Mediterranean since its christening in 2010. New challenges will be accompanied with the new hull and sails design. Brand new big yellow stars on the sides of the hull and on top of the mainsail, together with new light blue lines, illustrate new ambitions in the northern seas, while they project the team spirit among crew members and cooperation within all partners in the Esimit Europa project at the same time.

At the end of June, Esimit Europa 2 will race at the Kieler Woche. The happening with more than 3 million visitors, 1800 sailing yachts and 450 races is one of the biggest sailing events in the world. The Esimit Sailing Team will perform at 2 races and will move to Stockholm immediately after for the start of the most renowned Swedish regatta, the ÅF Offshore Race, on 30. June. The 350 nautical miles long race, which rounds the scenic Gotland Island and ends in Sandham, will see the record fleet of extremely attractive yachts, all of them eager to take line honours at this Swedish classic. After its performance in Sweden, 30-meter canting keel beauty will be shipped to the United Kingdom for the start of the Cowes Week at the beginning of August, one of the oldest continuing sporting events in the United Kingdom (established in 1826). 18-member crew will show its skills at 3 inshore races and prepare for one of the toughest and most renowned European races, the famous Rolex Fastnet Race. With 608 nautical miles in front of legendary Jochen Schümann and his all-star crew, the Rolex Fastnet Race represents season’s highlight, but also a big test for the yacht itself due to always unpredictable weather conditions. In addition, the competition will be very tough, many excellent boats registered for the race, in total 380 yachts from 20 countries.

After the Rolex Fastnet Race, Esimit Europa 2 will return to Mediterranean for 4 races in October. Starting with Bernetti Lombardini Cup and Barcolana in the Gulf of Trieste. On its way to Malta’s Rolex Middle Sea Race Esimit Europa 2 will try to break the course record (Medot Sailing Trophy).

New sailing challenges of the Esimit Europa 2 yacht and its mission in fostering European unity are embodied in the new yacht’s design. It features two big yellow stars on the sides of the hull and additional one on the top of the mainsail. Accompanied with light blue waving lines, showing a dynamic environment we are living in, all new graphic elements illustrate collaboration among crew members and cooperation within the partners of the Esimit Europa project.

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