Saturday, 13 September 2008

Trieste Challenge - Day Three

Mascalzone Latino Match Racing Team, skipper Matteo Savelli, on Day Two of the Trieste Challenge. Image copyright Ray Giubilo.

by Kinley Fowler, Mirsky Racing Team

A steady breeze saw the 52 footers come to life on Day Three, Friday, as the second round robin got underway. In only 6 knots of breeze the carbon fibre canting keel yachts took off, reaching 7 knots comfortably on the downwinds, making for some exciting racing.

Today was a real chance for us to get used to the big boat side of match racing with a steadier and stronger breeze than the previous two days. We learnt exponentially as the day progressed through watching the other three teams, in particular Saville and his Mascalzone Latino team, who displayed dominant boathandling, and are now sitting in first place.

The four teams are extremely close, but it was clear that experience was the key today, as we lost all three of our matches. Despite this, we are still very happy with our performance and are getting what we want out of the event.

Tomorrow we are racing Damien Iehl for third place in the notorious “Bora mountain wind” which is forecast to reach up to 35 knots. Hopefully it is not deemed too strong, as the chance for us to sail boats like these is rare to come by, and it would be an opportunity sorely missed.

A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for their support.

Note from SailRaceWin: Mascalzone Latino also sent out a press release in Italian. They have two teams present - Matteo Savelli with Mascalzone Latino Match Racing Team and Jes Gram Hansen (of Denmark) with Mascalzone Latino Trifork Team.

Savelli is sailing with Andrea Ballico, Davide Scarpa, Luca Albarelli, Nicola Pilastrs, Furio Benussi, Daniele Fiaschi and Pierluigi de Felice (who has just become a match race umpire in New Zealand).

The two Mascalzone Latino teams are set to race each other for first and second place in Trieste, Italy.

Mirsky Racing Team
La Sfida - Trieste Challenge

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