Monday, 15 December 2008

VOR: ERICSSON 3 LEG TWO DAY 2 QFB: received 16.11.08 2325 GMT

by Anders Lewander (skipper)

Crazy wave state, but we hang on to the masthead gennaker even though we are being thrown around each crest like mad.

By the downloaded current grib it seems like we are in a warm water eddie with strong south going current and yes, for sure, the water down here is much warmer than in Cape Town, but the relatively pleasant constant spray now will soon change to a more harsh spray as we get into colder water soon again. The unpleasant part of the current is that it pressures the waves to strange unpredictable towers and the sea looks somewhat like the lava fields on Lanzarote, but blue and living.

Gustav is doing the tough job of putting everything down on tape. He is in revenge mode like the rest of the team onboard. He is uncertain whether our shore team got all material since he didn't win the media award, anyhow, next time he says and hammer down words on the Mac as the water drops drip down from the deck above him.

We have just passed Telefónica Blue, in true sport like this that's always great energy to the team, but we want to play the game safe and change to fractional chute now just before the dark and front arrives.

Ericsson Racing Team

Volvo Ocean Race

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