Friday, 30 January 2009

Panama Jack Racing Report on Leading the Warren Jones Regatta in Perth

Phil Robertson's Kiwi Panama Jack Racing team at the Warren Jones Regatta in Perth. Image copyright John Roberson.

by Garth Ellingham

Having completed both Round Robbins we have ended up on top of the table with 15 wins and 3 losses. We sailed exceptionally well today by winning 5 out of six races. The first was against Reuben Corbett when we put two penalties on him in the dying seconds of the pre-start when he tried to put his bow between our boat and the committe boat when there was no room. A little tap on our stern and alot of yelling from both teams ended with him coping two penalties. The next tough race was against Keith Swinton.

Once again we came out firing and got a penalty on him in the dial up. We split tacked off the line and then rounded the top mark right behind him. The rest of the race we stayed this way with us trailing nice and close as he still had a penalty to complete. We sailed the last downwind two boat lengths behind him until he slowed right down to try and attack us. This was a little too late for Keith as he ran out of runway and we crossed the finish line behind him but with him having to still take a penalty. Another great result beating the top ranked skipper.

Evan Walker was our next opponent and he turned out to be a tough one. We didn't quite get the start we wanted and didn't get the first cross. This proved to be crucial as we found no passing lanes, with him doing a good job of keeping a tight cover on us and stayed a few lengths ahead for the whole race. Disappointing but we were still happy.

We then raced Robert Gibbs in the last race with the winner of the race taking the top spot on the leader board. We had another fantastic pre start putting a solid two penalties on him and held our lead for the rest of the race. This means we qualify 1st after the double round robbin and have the tough job of selecting our opponent for the semi-finals tomorrow!!

The Team is wrapped and looking forward to the very tough final series tomorrow.

The crew for the Warren Jones Youth Regatta is:
Phil Robertson (Helm)
Garth Ellingham (Main)
Will Tiller (Pit)
James Williamson (Trim)
Brad Farrand (Bow)
Hayden Whitburn (Floater/Strategy)

Another big thanks to Stefan Goldwater of WIDEX and the RNZYS for all their support. It is much appreciated.

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