Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hardy Cup: Panama Jack Racing into the Semi-Finals

Luffing duel in the Hardy Cup between Kiwis Adrian Short (to windward) and Phil Robertson (Panama Jack Racing). Image copyright Aline Van Haren.

by Garth Ellingham (of Panama Jack Racing)

Yesterday we finished off the round robin, in the Hardy Cup on Sydney Harbour, Australia, ending up with 9 wins and 2 losses. This qualified us in second place for the super 6 today.

We had our first race today against Evan Walker (AUS). After throwing away the pre-start after controlling the whole thing we were already to far behind to find any chance of passing.

We won the next two races and then lost again to Nikki Souter (AUS). We copped a penalty in the pre-start and then had the lead for the whole race. After trying to get rid of it on the last downwind, we ended up getting another and then losing it, causing a huge mess and we finished right behind her. A little gutted we didn't win the race but knew it was only a small penalty that lost it for us.

We then won the last race which put us into the semi-final.

With Evan Walker (AUS) top Qualifier the other 2 opponents are Nikki Souter and Adrian Short our fellow RNZYS member. We know we haven't peaked yet and are looking to really lift our game tomorrow and try and knock this one off.

Thanks for all your support and we will post the final placing tomorrow. Special thanks to the RNZYS and Setafan Goldwater of Widex for all their assistance.

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