Monday, 9 February 2009

LVPS: Luna Rossa Defeated by Damiani Italia Challenge

Luna Rossa Challenge racing against Damiani Italia Challenge off Auckland. Image copyright Stefano Gattini/Luna Rossa Challenge.

by Luna Rossa Challenge media

Wind: S 10-8 knots
Course: Windward - leeward of 1.4 miles (2 laps)

Luna Rossa Challenge on NZL 84, Damiani Italia on NZL 92

Start: Luna Rossa enters the box from the pin end and goes to the dial-up with Damiani Team Italia, keeping this situation for a while. Both boats will then sail towards the right side of the box in order to gain a right end start. Holmberg manages to start at the Committee Boat, windward of Damiani. On the first part of the beat the two boats sail parallel, subsequently engaging in a tacking duel, each boat promptly responding to the attacks, Damiani Team Italia on the left side of the course and Luna Rossa on the right.

At a few lengths from the starboard layline a wind shift favours Damiani Team Italia and soon Bruni stretches about two boat lengths ahead of Holmberg, to round the mark with an 8s lead. Luna Rossa attacks on the right side of the downwind leg; this move will allow Luna Rossa to close the distance and to round the gate (both boats will chose the left mark) very close to her opponent’s stern.

Luna Rossa tacks immediately and sails to the left side of the course, whereas Damiani stays on the right. A right wind shift increases Damiani Team Italia’s lead and, at the first crossing, Luna Rossa is five boat lengths behind. Halfway through the beat Luna Rossa engages Damiani Team Italia in a tacking duel, slightly closing the gap to about three lengths. At the mark, however, a sudden lull hits both boats and slows them down considerably. It is Damiani who will catch the first puff and round the mark with a 30s advantage.

Both boats start the downwind leg on port gybe; the wind significantly favors the left side and in this first phase Luna Rossa does not have the opportunity to close the gap. Halfway the downwind leg Luna Rossa attacks Damiani with a series of jibes. Although Luna Rossa has a slight gain in the initial phase of this duel, another wind shift, combined with a decreasing pressure on her side, will jeopardize her attempts to catch up with the opponent and Damiani Team Italia will cross the finishing line with an increased lead.

Luna Rossa Challenge

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