Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vendée Globe: Sam dit on Samedi

Sam Davies with pink flares on the bow of Roxy after finishing the Vendée Globe. Image copyright Jean Marie Liot/DPPI/Vendée Globe.

by Vendée Globe media

Sam Davies' first words after finishing her Vendée Globe:

“I have just sailed around the world. It is amazing.

“It was an incredible finish, pretty full on. I managed to make the most of a nice sunset with 20 knots of wind and on the helm with my I-pod on singing out loud, then some fast reaching and then I was taken by surprise because the boats came out to meet me so early and stayed with me for about an hour. And so it was a bit full on because there was a lot more wind than I anticipated and so I had to do a bit of sail changing and so lots of action right up to the end of the race.”

On what it felt like to cross the line:

“It was kind of almost disbelief when I crossed, it really does just seem like yesterday when I was leaving, and I can’t believe I have sailed all the way around the world, so it is really a weird feeling and I think it is going to take a couple of days to sink in what I have done.

“It does not feel like 97 days, it went really, really quickly. It is only when I think things like when I left here it was 2008 and now it is 2009 and things like that, that has been a bit of time.”

On her finishing third, way beyond her expectations:

“I never ever thought I might finish in third place, not at all, not at all, I could not even imagine being able to finish in fifth in the top five, I was kind of hoping to make the top 10, this really is a dream finish.”

Sam Davies at the end of her round the world race. Image copyright Jean Marie Liot/DPPI/Vendée Globe.

On her abundant energy and good humour, even in the face of adversity:

“It really was all such fun. Maybe as well that is just my way of getting through the hard moments, trying to find the positive side of everything and use that energy to battle through the tough times, but, no I enjoyed every single day of this race, and I surprised myself even, I knew I would enjoy it, but I did not realise I would enjoy it this much and it is an amazing way to do the race.

“It was brilliant to see everyone at the finish. They have done such a good job, supporting me, and sending me messages every day, and answering the phone whenever I called, and so it is really nice to see them, but because we have been so close and they have been supporting me, then it does not feel like we have been apart throughout the whole race. And it is nice, nice to see their faces. My mum and dad look really proud.”

And anticipating the welcome when she goes down the canal at around 0900hrs local time:

“I am quite glad I finished at low tide, giving me a little bit of peace to think about the welcome, and to think about the race I have done, instead of just going straight on land and having tonnes of people around me, so it is nice.”

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