Sunday, 29 March 2009

VOR: New Media Man for Telefonica Black

Anton Paz Blanco. Image copyright Maria Muina/Equipo Telefonica.

by Volvo Ocean Race media

Telefonica Black have confirmed Olympic gold medallist Anton Paz Blanco will join the team as media crewmember.

The 32-year-old, who partnered Fernando Echavarri to Tornado glory in Qingdao, replaces Mikel Passabant for the remaining legs.

"We have shared the same path in the last 10 years and for me it's great to have him onboard," said Echavarri, the Black boat's skipper. "I am really sure he will do a great job, as always. He is a fabulous sailor, he knows about nutrition really well and his arrival will help the team.

"The experience he is going to live here will help him to be an offshore sailor."

Paz Blanco added: "I would like very much to be involved in offshore racing and this will be a good step for me.

"I have done some big boat racing over the last five years, but I usually only go offshore for one or two days. This next leg will be a challenge as it's longer than I have done before, but it's very exciting and a good opportunity for me to learn.

"I spent two weeks training with the team before the race and really enjoyed it. These are big, powerful boats and very good fun."

The Galician admitted he is more used to answering questions than asking them, but revealed he has had help in his new media role from counterparts on the other boats.

"A lot of people have given me help with the technology we use, which is very nice," he said. "Sander (Pluijm, the Delta Lloyd media crewmember) and Gabri Olivo (of Telefonica Blue) have offered me a lot of help. There's a very nice spirit in this race."

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