Sunday, 31 May 2009

WMRT: Mirsky Racing Team Finishes Match Race Germany in 10th Place

Wild conditions on Saturday at Match Race Germany. Image copyright Richard Walch/Match Race Germany.

by Kinley Fowler, Mirsky Racing Team

Saturday we had to win 3 from 3 races. Langenargen finally brought some strong winds which was a nice change from the calm conditions of the previous days.

First we faced BlackMatch (Adam Minoprio) where we started in a strong position and held a comfotable lead to win our first of 3 must win races.

Next we faced round robin leader Mathieu Richard, with all the pressure to perform we started with Richard having the slight advantage off the line. Unfortunately half way up the first windward beat our boom snapped at the gooseneck and ruined our hopes of a quarter finals berth.

Our final race was delayed as we had to go into shore and rig up the spare boat. Upon return to the course we raced Bahrain Team Pindar (Ian Williams), who managed to gain a marginal lead off the line, and lead around the course to comfortably defeat us.

We now have Korea to look forward to starting at the beginning of this week.

A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for their support.

Mirsky Racing Team
World Match Racing Tour

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