Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Chocolates Nestle Brazil Match Cup - Final Results

by Paul Cayard

Well we wound up 1 spot off the top but still pretty good result.

We won the round robin and then had a one race final against the second place team. In the one final race, things were tight and close the whole way but we could not get past Daniel Glomb and his team. The field was pretty talented with Robert Scheidt, Torben Grael, and Xavier Rohart all competing.

I had a great 4 days down here. The people are very friendly and there is a special spirit around competitions in Brasil. They are obviously winners, Torben Grael and Robert Scheidt have a few Gold medals to prove that. But there is a relaxed happy spirit here that overlays everything. The other thing is that you are almost never late here. It is just a matter of figuring out how late is going to be on time.

I am staying here most of the day tomorrow (Monday) before my flight to Monaco tomorrow night where I will participate in the World Yacht Racing Forum.

I am going to hit the outdoor gym on Ipanema Beach tomorrow morning. I know it will be cold in Europe and in SF when I get home next weekend so I am going to soak up the sun!

Final Results (Men):
Place - Skipper - Total pts - Match Race Win/Loss
1) Paul CAYARD 6.25pts 6/1
2) Daniel GLOMB 5pts 4/3
3) Robert SCHEIDT 4.5pts 4/3
4) Torben GRAEL 4.5pts 4/3
5) Xavier ROHART 4.25pts 4/3
6) João SIGNORINI 4pts 3/4
7) André FONSECA 3pts 3/4
8) Marco GRAEL 0pts 0/7

Note from SailRaceWin: There was some fleet racing in the mix too, which accrued some points. However, the official results record Paul Cayard as the overall winner, with a loss in the match racing only to Robert Scheidt.

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Chocolates Nestle Brazil Match Cup

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