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Pascal Bidegorry and Thomas Coville World Champions of Oceanic Records in 2009

Banque Populaire. Image copyright B. Stichelbaut/BPCE.

by Mer et Media (in translation)

The 2009 awards of the World Championship of the Oceanic Records is known. In the crew section, Pascal Bidégorry is the new champion thanks to the exploits this summer of the crew of the trimaran Banque Populaire V on the Atlantic. In the solitary class, after Francis Joyon in 2008, this time it is Thomas Coville who obtains a deserved title after his around the world trip in 59 days.

The World Championship of the Oceanic Records, that groups together the biggest historic records of the planet by sea – 20 journeys altogether - delivered its 2009 verdict. At the end of this classification that associates a coefficient of 1 to 10with every record, according to its length and difficulty, the big winners in 2009 are Pascal Bidégorry in the crewed section and Thomas Coville in the solitary class.

The North Atlantic and 24 Hour Records Pulverized

Pascal Bidégorry and his men are sacred Champions of the World thanks to the records on the Atlantic gleaned by the maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V. For the record, they succeeded in making a crossing at 32.94 knots on average in 3 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes and 48 seconds... They equally pulverized the 24 hour record while crossing two symbolic bars: the one of 800 miles then the one of 900 miles... And finally, 908 miles in a single day by the gigantic trimaran Banque Populaire V.

In the solo sailors' category, after Francis Joyon in 2008 and around the world record of 57 days, it is Thomas Coville who earns the title of Champion of the World 2009, thanks to his solitary circumnavigation without stopping in 59 days, 20 hours, 47 minutes and 43 seconds, the second fastest of all time. Thomas Coville did not succeed in improving on the record of Francis Joyon, but nevertheless signaled an exceptional, strong performance logically rewarded by this title of World Champion 2009. This is the second title won by Thomas Coville, who was already World Champion in 2006.

Reactions of the Winners

Pascal Bidégorry: "To receive this distinction of World Champions as early as the first year of sailing the boat provides very great pleasure. This is a great honour for the crew of the Maxi Banque Populaire V... I hope that this will not be the last one! I hope also that there will be more teams to dispute this championship with in the years to come. For next year, we will see, but if we can obtain the titel again thanks to the Jules Verne Trophy this time, I shall not be against it!"

Thomas Coville: "My main true objective is to attempt a new solo around the world records next year - it is nice to obtain this form of recognition. The point system permits promotion of attempts made. When an attempt is made, one always expects the boat to beat the existing world record and one forgets that even if it does not do this itself, it may still be the best performance of the year..."

Winners since the creation of the World Championship of Oceanic Records:

2008: Lionel Lemonchois
2007: Franck Cammas
2006: Bruno Peyron
2005: Bruno Peyron
2004: Steve Fossett

2008: Francis Joyon
2007: Francis Joyon
2006: Thomas Coville
2005: Ellen MacArthur
2004: Francis Joyon

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