Friday, 8 January 2010

Weta introduced to sailing programme

by Zoe Hawkins

Yachting New Zealand’s Sailing...Have a Go! programme, which has introduced approximately 12,000 children to sailing over the last four years, has successfully trialled the Weta trimaran as part of its programme.

The Weta – a New Zealand designed, award winning 14-foot trimaran designed for entry level sailors, can be set up in 20 minutes or less, and is constructed with a glass hull, and composite mast, beams and spirit. The boat enables a family to sail together, is easy to transport, and makes high performance sailing accessible to the average person.

“The Weta is fun and practical and fits well within the programme,” says Have a Go! co-ordinator Gerry Booth.

Roger and Chris Kitchen, who own the Weta company, say their intention in designing the boat was to introduce Kiwi families into sailing.

The boat was this month selected as ‘Boat of the Year’ in the dinghy category by a major American sailing magazine, against American and European dinghies and has been trialled by Yachting New Zealand over the last sailing season.

Yachting New Zealand

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