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The Longtze: takes off on another European Tour!

15 Longtze Premiers expected at the Primo Cup 14 to 17 February

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by Catherine Ecarlat

The 2nd Longtze European Tour kicks off on the 14th February, in Monaco, with the Primo Cup – Trophée Crédit Suisse! With more nationalities represented and more boats, the Longtze European Tour looks set to enjoy the great success it experienced last year during its ‘warm-up tour’. Fifteen crews are expected at the Primo Cup, and 5 to 10 extra boats will join the Longtze European Tour in May for the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale.

In 2009, the Longtze European Tour 2009 attracted lots of attention and sparked great interest…Skippers, sailors, race organisers, club officials : so many experts expressed their interest in this very unique sportboat. Buoyed by this success, the Longtze Premier heads off on a new tour of Europe with two new destinations and a packed fleet.

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20 to 25 confirmed crews are expected to take part throughout the 2010 season, of which most are newcomers: the Longtze European Tour is becoming bigger, but it remains open to all and maintains its high level of professionalism, performance and conviviality...

Primo, the Primo Cup!

As per last year, the Longtze European Tour debuts the season amidst the sparkle and prestige of the Primo Cup- Trophée Crédit Suisse. Three Swiss teams, two Russian, one Dutch, one German and eight French teams will meet on the water in Monaco this Friday.

We will see sailors already accustomed to the subtleties of the Longtze Premier with the likes of the Germans led by Eckard Kaller, Nicolas Bérenger’s French team, and the Dutchman Koos van den Heuvel... but a good proportion of the crews in the line-up will discover the Longtze Premier and the circuit for the first time.

This Monaco leg, particularly technical last year, will allow each person to set their mark...

Primo Cup 2009, Monaco. Image copyright Longtze Yachts.

In May, a regatta you will enjoy

In May the Longtze Premier will discover, for the third time and with again great pleasure, the subtleties of the waters at Lanvéoc during the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale. 20 to 25 crews are expected to be there and this year, and for the next two years, the event has the added dimension of being the French Monotype Championship. A major meet where the Longtze Premier will be proudly represented.

Wight is the Longtze...

Great new addition to the 2010 circuit : the « fils du dragon » cross the Channel in July to race in the legendary Cowes Week and its Tour of the Isle of Wight. A mythical event in the heart of sailing’s mecca, but also heralding a new competitive format for the Longtze Premier, as for the first time, they will race not between two buoys but on this fabulous coastal course...

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Italian Sojourn

Another destination, another body of water, another course format: in September, the European circuit touches down in Italy on Lake Garda for the Trofeo Gorla, a 50 mile race at the foot of the Dolomites. There the crews will have to juggle with the very special effects created by this big Italian lake !

Swiss Final

As per last year the Longtze European Tour will conclude with a Swiss event. The greatest number of teams will get together for a very festive and challenging competition. In 2009, this grand final was explosive and spectacular…watch out for it in 2010 !

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Hervé Gautier, skipper of the Longtze Premier «Ecole Navale HEC sailing team», a newcomer to the Longtze European Tour as well as the new student circuit, the Longtze Student Cup : “ I have watched the Longtze and its circuit very closely since last year. L’Ecole Navale’s involvement in this circuit since its inception has confirmed to me the solid foundations of the overall concept. The creation of the Longtze Student Cup finally convinced me. The boat is very powerful, agile and aesthetically pleasing, all of which represents a great asset for the sponsors. And behind this well thought-out boat, is an organisation that gives its all to create a coherent circuit : it just cannot fail ! To be able to bring together 15 boats for the Primo Cup in a new series and at the beginning of the season is more than encouraging !”

With a great mix of experience, age, skills, contrasting and tactical waters, this second Longtze European Tour promises new exciting challenges. Kick-off this weekend in Monaco!

Primo Cup 2009, Monaco. Image copyright Longtze Yachts.

Longtze European Tour 2010

Primo Cup-Trophée Crédit Suisse – Monaco (11 - 14 February)
Grand Prix de l'Ecole Navale - Lanvéoc (13 - 16 May)
Cowes Week – Isle of Wight (31 July - 7 August)
Trofeo Gorla – Lac de Garde (3 - 4 September bananes et 5 September le Trofeo Gorla : 50 milles)
Longtze Final – Switzerland (end October)

Created by Steve Thompson, a New Zealand designer, the Longtze Premier was developed by the America’s Cup Team, Le Défi.

Technical Specifications

Length (LOA): 6.8 m
Beam: 2.57 m (without removing wings: 2.35 m)
Draft: 1.8 m
Mast height: 11.4 m
Mainsail Racing: 20.6 sqm
Code 1 Jib Racing: 13.4 sqm
Code 1 Asymmetrical Spinnaker Racing: 58.5 sqm
Weight of hull: 260 kg
Weight of keel and bulb: 300 kg


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