Saturday, 28 August 2010

CMRC Chicago Cup: Black Sheep Racing Make the Finals

Reuben Corbett and Black Sheep Racing (NZ) versus Mike Buckley (USA) in the finals. Image copyright CMRC.

by Reuben Corbett

They do it differently here in Chicago as the top qualifier chooses their opponent and boat for the quarter finals. Surprisingly we were the last team to be chosen despite our results leading into the quarter finals. Don Wilson (USA) was nominated our competitor. Don beat us in the round robin but our team sailed well leading from start to finish in both quarter final races, winning 2-0.

Black Sheep Racing at the CMRC Chicago Cup. Image copyright CMRC.

Laurie Jury (NZL), Taylor Canfield (USVI) and Mike Buckley (USA) were the other successful quarter final competitors. Taylor Canfield, being the top ranked chose to race Mike Buckley who again caused an upset to beat Taylor 3-0 in there semi final. Laurie Jury and Black Sheep were once again paired together for a semi final, where all five races included penalties, lead changes and overall some thrilling match racing for the spectators. After being down 2-1 Black Sheep pulled through to win 3-2 thanks to some great team work.

Black Sheep Racing during the Chicago Cup. Image copyright CMRC.

Come finals time the wind started playing tricks shifting 90deg+ in either direction, predominantly offshore. That combined with an ever increasing sloppy sea state with a race track held a couple of lengths from the shore made for a fleet racing style final. Mike Buckley and his team who had been sailing the boats really well the entire regatta continued to do so and took out the final 2-1. Black Sheep are happy to have improved their placing from eighth at the beginning of the day to second at the end, however, it isn’t first.

Black Sheep Racing during the Chicago Cup. Image copyright CMRC.

The team now heads for Detroit to compete in the Detroit Cup, grade 2 match race.

Black Sheep Racing during the Chicago Cup. Image copyright CMRC.

Final Standings
1st Mike Buckley
2nd Black Sheep Racing
3rd Taylor Canfield
4th Laurie Jury
5th Bill Hardesty
6th Nicolai Sehested
7th Don Wilson
8th William Tiller
9th Chris VanTol
10th Sergey Musikhin

The winners: Mike Buckley (USA). Image copyright CMRC.

Black Sheep Racing would like to thank the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, friends and family for their support. Thank you!

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