Saturday, 28 August 2010

Detroit Cup: Dog Day in Detroit for Black Sheep Racing

Relaxing before the next race. Supplied image.

by Reuben Corbett

Black Sheep won two from three today. The entire first flight was raced in very marginal conditions as half the competitors requested redress due to the course being lop sided. However, the race committee was determined to finish the round robin regardless, so all results stood. We didn’t request redress but we did lose the match despite leading until halfway down the final run. It was almost one of those races where you are too far ahead which increases the risk if a shift or significant change in pressure occurs. We lost our race to Chris Van Tol (USA) to then beat Sergey Muskhin (RUS) and Taylor Canfield (USVI).

The organizing authority decided to cancel the quarter finals as they are worried about completing the format. Dave Perry 9 wins, Taylor Canfield 8 wins, Laurie Jury, Anna Tunnicliffe, Bill Hardesty and Black Sheep are all on 7 wins. Six doesn’t go into four so the semi final competitors had to be worked out using the count back system. This worked in favour of Laurie Jury and Anna Tunnicliffe. Top ranked Dave Perry had the right to choose his opponent, he chose Taylor Canfield. This leaves Laurie Jury and Anna Tunnicliffe to race in the other semi final. Weather conditions remain marginal so everything is on hold at the moment.

Black Sheep finished in sixth place. It’s a tough way to be knocked out of a regatta but that’s the nature of the beast. The team is now getting ready for the last regatta of the USA Trifecta which is held at Manhasset Bay, New York.

Black Sheep would like to thank the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, friends and family for their support. Thank you!

Black Sheep Racing is Tom Bentham, Reuben Corbett, Brad Farrand and Andrew Clouston (Coach).

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