Saturday, 18 September 2010

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011 to be sailed over 6 days

In order to standardize all the ISAF World Cup events, the organizing committee of the Delta Lloyd Regatta decided to stage their yearly event for all Olympic Sail classes in Medemblik over 6 days. The event will also be open for the 2.4 mR class

by Arjun Rahusen

The Delta Lloyd Regatta, one of the world's leading events in Olympic sailing, has always been staged over 5 days. Due to the request of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the 2011 edition of the Delta Lloyd Regatta will start on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

The ISAF wants to standardize all the World Cups Events as much as possible and the same number of competing days is one of the topics. The advantage of sailing on the Ijsselmeer is the almost guaranteed presence of wind. Over the last 26 years we have only had 4 non-sailing days due to lack of wind or storms. 'For us it is not really necessary to add an extra day, but we feel the need to standardize with all World Cup events. On the other hand, we do see a problem for all our 300 volunteers, as they have to take an extra day off, but they will appreciate the decrease in number of races per day", says Arjen Rahusen, chair of the Organizing Committee. Other topics are standardizing the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Race Management.

One of the other decisions that has been made is to open the 2.4 mR classes for all sailors. Until now, the 2.4mR was only open for disabled competitors. IFDS World Champion 2.4 mR Thierry Schmitter from the Netherlands is extremely happy: 'This is an important step for the integration of Olympic and Paralympic sailing'.

The 2011 Delta Lloyd Regatta will be held from 24 - 29 May in Medemblik, Netherlands.

Delta Lloyd Regatta