Saturday, 16 October 2010

America's Cup: Updates to the AC72 Rule in Finalised Version since Draft version 2.0

by Pete Melvin

Since the previous preliminary AC72 draft rule released Oct 6, the following changes have been made:

1. Modified introductory statements
2. Updated definitions
3. Modified limitations on appendages
4. Removed sails from sailing weight rule
5. Modified hull height volume minimums
6. Added provisions for fairings aft of cross structure
7. Added provisions and rules for a short wing
8. Modified height limitations on cross structure and the wing rotation point
9. Modified limitations on wing spar lengths
10. Modified the wing measurement grid Appendix D and clarified wing measurement procedures
11. Eliminated limitations on wing axes of rotation
12. Modified wing weight and cg limitations
13. Modified sail dimensions and definitions
14. Modified sail hoist point dimensions and definitions
15. Modified limits on battens
16. Reduced hull fiber modulus limit to 245 Gpa
17. Added core density minimums for hull outer shell
18. Updated inspection and measurement rules
19. Added measurement certificate Appendix A
20. Updated hull symmetry and hull height diagram Appendix C

Click here for the finalised AC72 Class Rule

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