Monday, 14 March 2011

Argo Challenge becomes Argo Challenge Non-Profit Corporation

by Lynn Fitzpatrick

Argo Challenge, which was a non-profit in Italy, where it originated, is now Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation. On Friday, March 11th we received the filed and stamped Articles of Incorporation for the newly created entity in the United Sates to be known henceforth as Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation.

Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation has a bank account in the United States.

Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation can accept charitable donations and can provide our donors with the appropriate receipt and documentation to satisfy the provisions of 26 U.S.C. § 170, as a tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax code.

Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation can accept cash, services, and property. Starting next week, Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation will be accepting donations online at!

Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation is determined to show the world that it is possible to reach great objectives even if one is disabled. In sport as in life, barriers can be overcome if one is determined, passionate, professional and is part of a great team.

Argo Challenge Nonprofit Corporation’s Challenge within the Challenge is raising $6- $ 10 million by March 31, 2011, so that we can register, pay the bond, purchase and AC45 and coordinate the team and start training for the first World Series events this summer.

Numerous organizations, including IFDS (International Association of Disabled Sailors), are supporting Argo Challenge. We need your help as an initial sponsor and as ambassadors.

Please don't hesitate to contact Christian Giannini, CFO, at 415-308-5899 or

Argo Challenge Mission Statement

The mission objectives of Argo Challenge, a California public Benefit Corporation, are to educate the public about and enhance the public perception of the significant contributions the disabled members of each community can make to the whole, to advance the adaptive technologies assisting disabled individuals to maximize their contribution in a larger inclusive society, to inspire disabled individuals to set their goals as high as possible in their personal, professional and recreational lives, to create a more diverse, inclusive sense of community in which all are welcome to participate on all levels.

The Argo Challenge will achieve these mission objectives by forming a unified team of disabled and nondisabled sailing athletes under a California Public Benefit Corporation which is expected to qualify as a IRC Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization for United States Federal and California State tax purposes, planning for and competing in the 34th America's Cup to be held in San Francisco, California, United States of America, in 2013. Thereafter Argo Challenge will support charitable objectives and Argo Challenge team members to interact with disabled and nondisabled members of local, regional and international communities to highlight specifically how every member, disabled or not, can contribute significantly to the whole.

The Argo Challenge is determined to show each local community, each regional area, the entire United States of America, and the world it is possible for all individuals to reach great objectives In sport as in life, barriers can be overcome if one is determined, passionate, professional and part of a great team. For those who suffer setbacks in life, each and every member of the Argo Challenge team will be an empowering role model.

In addition to the educational and inspirational benefits the Argo Challenge organization will offer to disabled members of the larger community generally, it is a goal of the Argo Challenge organization to directly and indirectly financially support other nonprofit, charitable organizations, which promote disabled adaptive recreational, artistic, educational, and scientific programs.

The international Argo Challenge team will change the perception of normal and send a powerful, consistent universal message to the world. The message will be in the form of educational lectures, community awareness campaigns, development of appropriate innovative technologies to support the disabled sailors, hands on clinics highlighting adaptive technologies, over a 2.5-year build up to the America's Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport. The Argo Challenge team of empowered athletes will compete on par against the best sailors on the fastest boats in local, regional, national and international sailing events leading up to the Louis Vuitton Trophy, the Challenger selection series for the America's Cup, and the America's Cup itself in 2013 in San Francisco.

Thank you.


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