Thursday, 17 March 2011

BWR: HUGO BOSS To Make Technical Stop in the Falkland Islands

HUGO BOSS. Image copyright Alex Thomson Racing.

by Alex Thomson Racing

HUGO BOSS today announced that they have made the very difficult decision that they will need to make a formal stop to fix the ongoing technical issues that they have had onboard.

Skippers Andy Meiklejohn and Wouter Verbraak have been working hard for the last 48 hours on repairing the damaged sails and maintrack whilst at anchor in the Falklands Islands. The pair have worked together to try and use materials onboard and so avoid the 48 hour penalty for a technical stop with outside assistance.

Today they concluded however that in order to resume the race, it will be necessary to have additional materials and resource to make the repairs effectively. The shore team are now preparing the boat to enter Port Stanley in The Falklands, and members of the shore crew are now in transit.

Stewart Hosford, Team Director commented on the stop, “Right now it is difficult to say how long this will take given the logistical set up and infrastructure in the islands, but the boys are very focused and know what needs to be done. We have been preparing for this eventuality so are ready to get down there and get them back in the race”

The boat is currently 50 miles away from Port Stanley and will enter the port to co-incide with the arrival of their shore team.

Alex Thomson Racing
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