Thursday, 28 August 2008

Skipper Comments on the Training Day of the Danish Open 2008 Match Race

Jesper Radich leads Peter Wibroe in the final of the 2007 Danish Open Match Race. Both skippers are back at the event, being held in Frederikshavn for the first time, this year. Image copyright Per Heegaard.

by Danish Open 2008 Media (in translation)

"It was really good to be able to practice against many of the other teams in Gothenburg over the last few days... It is a strong field with many top sailors, however, we have the benefit of being familiar with the boats used", said Peter Wibroe, one of three Danish skippers at the event.

"We have come to the Danish Open to compete for first place in the World Match Racing Tour, in which we have a seven point lead just now. It is special for us to sail the DS 37 match racer... Actually, we did practice for a couple of days in Gothenburg, so in spite of everything we are well prepared. However, it is of course a challenge to sail in seven different types of boats in just nine events. Nonetheless, so far, we have been in three semi-finals, out of a possible total of four", said Ian Williams, from England.

"I have never been to Denmark before, so I am delighted to be sailing here in Frederikshavn. It is exciting to be sailing the DS 37, which places a premium on teamwork. Actually, I just hope that there will be good wind. That is what we like best", said Adam Minoprio from New Zealand, ranked eighth in the world.

Note from SailRaceWin: The automatic language translator used to confirm the wording above also made alterations to some of the subsequent list of the competing skippers names, turning one into 'Listlessness' and another into 'Circus'!

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