Sunday, 15 March 2009

Audi Etchells Worlds 2009: Final race likely to go ahead

The Audi Etchells Worlds fleet waits out the storm over Melbourne. Image copyright Andrea Francolini/Audi.

by Di Pearson

An ominously dark sky, thunderstorms, gusty winds up to 30 knots, breaking waves and rain had competitors at the Audi Etchells World Championship thinking it was all over and there would be no more chances to move up in the standings.

While the Championship was won yesterday, by a Queensland’s Jason Muir and three crew members, there are still second and third places to consider and the winners in the Masters and Masters Seniors categories.

John Dunn and crew head out under a dark sky. Image copyright Andrea Francolini/Audi.

At 11.00am, after studying weather maps and talking with the appropriate weather gurus, Principal Race Officer Ross Wilson said it is likely the final race of the series, Race 9, will go ahead.

“We’ll go out and take some measurements and check out the situation. I think it will be sailable this afternoon. We will drop the AP (racing delayed) flag around midday at this stage.”

Wilson went on to say: “We expect westerly winds in the vicinity of 15-18 knots, gusting to 25.

The 2009 Audi Etchells World Championship is organised by the Melbourne Etchells Fleet in conjunction with the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

Audi Etchells Worlds 2009

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