Sunday, 15 March 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE Leg Five Day 28 QFB: received 13.03.09 2240 GMT

by Simon Fisher (helmsman)

There has been a general improvement in everybody's mood this morning, sadly not because of a sudden surge through the rankings to put us back into touch with the leaders but something all together more trivial. After days of rain and grayness the sun has finally come out. For the first time in days it has given us a chance to dry out ourselves and our kit a little, the boat once again resembling some sort of laundromat with clothing drying everywhere.

Better still you can even feel the sun warming your skin as opposed to the cold wind cutting through your clothes and down to your core.

The ice gate is now only 100 miles away, this will be something of a milestone for us and we will be able to put the bow down again after what feels like many, many days of upwind. From there on we head south, await the pressure and a downwind ride to the Horn. I am sure it will be a great feeling to finally be on our way to this most famous of waypoints along our course and with any luck will bring renewed vigor and motivation to the team!

Volvo Ocean Race

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