Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mascalzone in Abu Dhabi

Mascalzone Latino and the Louis Vuitton Trophy at the Boat Show in Abu Dhabi. Supplied image.

by Mascalzone Latino media (in translation)

This week representatives of the Mascalzone Latino team reached the richest city in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, to take part in the second edition of the Emirates Boat Show International.

Mascalzone Latino at the Boat Show in Abu Dhabi. Supplied image.

Present with a large stand, as it was in the Boat Show in Genoa, and how it will be in other international nautical reviews, Mascalzone Latino represents the official stage of the Magdalena of the Louis Vuitton Trophy. Proposed by Vincenzo Onorato, the Magdalena stage, with Mascalzone Latino as host team, will be raced in May 2010 on ACC version 5 boats, built for the 32nd America's Cup.

Abu Dhabi. Supplied image.

Abu Dhabi, pearl of the Persian Gulf and capital of the UAE is, thanks to its considerable resources, derived mainly from oil, enjoying a season of promotion of high level sport. In 2009 it accommodated the first Grand Prix of Formula One in Abu Dhabi, creating on one of its islands the most majestic track for the world dedicated to motorsport, and like all the Emirates is happy to accommodate nautical events, like the Boat Show.

Mascalzone Latino

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