Friday, 18 December 2009

Year End Message from the Olympic Porgramme Manager

by Jez Fanstone

It looks like summer is finally here and with it the regatta season in this part of the world. Congratulations to all those that are performing so well in Australia right now. The successes over there show the depth of talent we have and the strength of working and training together as squads to push each other and share knowledge.

The New Year will bring the focus for our domestic season with Sail Auckland and Class Nationals. Good sailing to all there.

Looking ahead, in the next twelve months we are focused on assisting people break into the top 10 consistently and secure podium places at agreed pinnacle events. Key steps in 2010 include building a working relationship with your coaches and contributing to the wider NZL sailing team.

Make sure that you look at the Olympic page for some new information and dates for next year, and all the best for the coming regattas.

Yachting New Zealand

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