Monday 8 February 2010

America's Cup: Update #3 from Valencia by Paul Cayard

by Paul Cayard

Kind of a quiet day here in Valencia today. No sailing by either team as the wind was still gusty from the west and prudence was the call just 48 hours before race 1.

In TV world we started at 0900 finishing filming a couple of "standups" for our first show, which will air tonight at 2145 CET on Eurosport. I also did a few interviews with Italian newspapers. We finished shooting around 1400 and the boys went to work editing. That is when I get cut loose.

So I decided to go for a long run up Malvarosa Beach which is right in front of my hotel. Then I came back a worked out in the gym. That put me officially over the jet lag and I am feeling good. Now for the reward....we are going to eat at an Argentinean Asador (meat restaurant) tonight.

The forecast for tomorrow is for sailable winds and I imagine both teams will get out on the water. Alinghi put their boat back in the water tonight. We are going to try to film the BMW Oracle "wing up" operation. We are then going to shoot a few pieces on the basics of sail boat racing....the wind direction vs. the axis of the course and why one boat can gain from a wind shift....etc. This and some other material will be edited into show number two for tomorrow evening.

It looks like "game on" for Monday. The wind is forecast to be in the 5-8 knot range starting out from the west and then backing into the south. If the wind speed stays light, it is supposedly favorable to Alinghi. However, I would say no one really knows what is going to happen when these two beasts line up. I am excited to see.

I know it is Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow. I will be watching from here. It starts at 23:45 for me so between the Super Bowl and a 1000 start on Monday for the first race of the America's Cup, I wont get much sleep in Sunday night.

Cayard Sailing

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