Sunday 25 May 2014

Rolex Capri Sailing Week : Another coastal race abandoned due to lack of wind

Esimit Europa 2. Image copyright Francesco Ferri

by Eldina Knez

The Maxi fleet at Rolex Capri Sailing Week was ready for the start of today’s coastal race since 1200am in calm conditions accompanied with occasional light rain. The start of the race was first set for 2pm, but weak wind conditions did not allow organisers to lower the postponement flag and call for the start of the race. After another unsuccessful attempt to start the race at 4pm, the organisers gave in and abandoned racing for the day.

The next coastal race for the Maxi fleet at Rolex Capri Sailing Week is set for tomorrow at 1100am.

Esimit Europa 2
Rolex Capri Sailing Week