Monday, 27 October 2008

VOR - DELTA LLOYD LEG ONE DAY 15 QFB: received 25.10.08 1604 GMT

by Ger O Rourke - skipper

Delta Lloyd day 15, position 290nm east of Salvador, South America, heading south on a heading of 205 degrees. Boat speed 16 knots, wind speed 13.5 knots. Full Main after just shaking out a reef, mast head code zero (great sail).

The website gives Delta Lloyd as 6th which we are, as crow flies Fernando to Cape Town. We have ourselves at 7th. Still as we are first racing south to catch the weather systems there and E3 are further south so are ahead.

Given the compression of now five different weather systems moving through our race track our feeling is that the opportunity may present itself to close some of the leader’s gaps. Perhaps a location for a StealthPlay - let's see.

Media crewmember’s Apple PC went for a swim today when it fell into bilge water now not operating he is upset and will have to do his editing on land, he can still transmit photos. Not a good day.

Boat and crew in good shape looking forward to a steak and a South African red wine or two in the Cape. Our job list is long incl. a main engine change. Crew and shore support will get little rest in the approx 9 days before start of India Leg.

Cheers from Delta Lloyd

Volvo Ocean Race

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